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American Cocker Spaniels anyone?

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Well along with my three cats I have two American Cocker Spaniels. There is 2 year old Maggie May who is my heart dog. She is a black and white parti and is a rescue from a shelter that got her from a puppymill. Then we have Tucker my show quality male black and tan boy. He was originally my mothers but now belongs to me. They both get along great with the cats especially Tucker who is all about kisses lol.
Anyone else here own a Cocker Spaniel or know a Cocker Spaniel?
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My s-i-l used to breed and show Cockers. Beautiful dogs.
She had crazy ones who used to attack my Golden Retriever and Old English Sheepdogs (all 3 ar huge wimps).
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Both of mine are friendly. Maggie has some nervous issues from her past but she's still a good girl.
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I don't own one,but they used to be my all time favorite dog as a kid.I really wanted one,but mom wouldn't get one.We always had mutts...which were total sweeties! But I have always wanted a cocker.
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Only cats here but Cocker Spaniels are little cutie pies!
Love when they wag their little happy tails
Can't wait to see photos of your pups someday
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I don't have a Cocker right now but did have several foster Cockers a couple years ago. They are wonderful dogs!
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My mom and dad has one before they adopted me. I've seen pictures but we owned other types of dogs after that - never got another cocker.

If I owned one, he/she would have to be kept trimmed on the coat/legs as I don't want to do all that grooming
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Cockers have been popular with our family. My dad's parents had one (complete with papers) and we've had 3. Teddy Bear - blond male, Rex - a red and white male (and my soul dog) and Roxie - blonde female and Rex's sister. She was with paternal grandma until she had to go into assisted living.
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I dont have a cocker but I deal with them on an almost daily basis! Most of ours are adorable and sweet and get a long with everyone but we have 2 that are very grouchy and will attack over food. But they are also older dogs so we just figured part of it was that they were just old and grouchy and get annoyed at the other dogs playing around them constantly.
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