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Worried about my Cat

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Hey everyone, recently my cat went to the vet for her check-up, and its been a week or two since, and she hasn't been her usual self. She's on perscription diet food now, to help manage her weight, and she was eating it just fine, but all of a sudden she started to lose her appetite. Her eyes tear all the time, and she's become lethargic and weak. She only eats here and there, if I were to offer her some of her food, same goes for water. Something like this has happened before, the last time she went to the vet, but it came and went on its own. I'm not so sure if this is the case again, because this time its worse.
any ideas as to what may be bothering my kitty cat?
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Sorry I don't have an answer but my Sadie's eye will sometimes tear up for a few weeks in a row and then it just disappears. Wish I could offer more feedback. I do know that my cats go through weird eating patterns that range from constantly hungry to won't touch a thing on their plate.
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it's just upsetting to see her like this, all she does is sleep...I don't see her cleaning herself either. She's been like this a few days now, if I don't see her getting any better I think I'm going to call the vet
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Taking her to the vet is a smart move. It's hard because we just don't know what could be happening when our cat's are not their usual selves. It's was like that with my female cat, Sunny who just laid around and didn't eat for a day. I took her to the vet and she has kidney/renal problems. I'm hopeful the treatments and medicines work.

I hope you find out what is happening with your cat and that it can be taken care of soon.
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Take her to the Vet she may have caught something. My Meeko was just real sick and it came from the Vets. She had a fever over 104 and runny Eyes with a Cough. All she did was Sleep and would not eat or Drink. there are Sick Cats at the Vets. Meeko had a Uri.
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yeah, it seems everytime we go to the vet she catches something
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Meeko had gone for blood tests and a Shot a few weeks before she got sick. How old is your Cat? My almost 16 Year old Coco has went almost every week for her Bladder Infection that is finally gone and she didnt catch anything. Meeko got a shot and clavamox for her infection and fever and still didnt eat for 2 days after we went to the Vet then last Monday she finally ate. She is so much better now. I hope your Cat feels better.
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If your cat is overweight and not eating, I would be really worried about her getting hepatic lipidosis (fatty liver disease) as a secondary complication for whatever is bothering her. It is essential that your kitty continue to eat!!! I would see a vet as soon as possible.
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she's not very old...she's only 4 or 5, if that.
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Take her back to the vet, and let us know! I am praying for her and for you.
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thank you everyone for the support and suggestions
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She is right they can get Fatty Liver from not eating. Let us know how she is. My vet told me to try baby food last week but Meeko refused it too. she almost went back to the Vet last Monday but started eating and is ok.
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I will, I'm going to try and call tomorrow to schedule an appt.
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