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Oww Stomach

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Ouch, it hurts :-/
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Sorry to hear that, but why? Surgery?
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that's what i was thinking... what's the matter, hon?
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And here I was thinking sit-ups.....
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I was thinking gas!
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Perhaps indigestion??
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God forbid - ulcers?

How are you doing?!? Don't leave us guessing!

Hope you're feeling better!
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acid reflux?
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Poor you!!

what is it?
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Still hurts :-/

No no surgery, NO GAS lol, must have been some I ate

Thanks for the concern
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Take some Pepto-Bismol.
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have you recently been spayed or nutered?
hope your feeling better soon.
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a person being spayed or neutered? ROFL
i can just see the picture in my head!

sorry flywater.

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Pepto Bismol and a nice hot water bottle, then curl up in bed with a purring kitty. Works like a charm, every time.
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Don't laugh, Kellye. I've been spayed.
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:LOL: I want my hubby to be neutered! I say that not because I am mad at him but because I don't think we need to have anymore kids and he wants ME to get fixed...I told him I HAD the baby so HE should be the one getting fixed!!! :LOL: I figure I have been through enough for now.
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Debby, its cheaper and quicker, to do him, too.
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That's what I told him, but he won't go for it! Maybe if I start threatening to have another baby he would change his tune! :laughing:
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He sould be the one to get fixed!

hope you feel better flywater!!
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my dad got neutered
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so did mine. is this too much information?
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after about half a bucket of puke it still hurts
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Maybe, you should see a doctor. Is it possible, that you are pregnant? Throwing up was, always, MY first symptom.
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Could be stomach flu. That usualy gives you the dry heaves. If it was somthing you ate you would have diarrhea along with vomiting. Either way drink lots of fluids. many small sips is best.
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I believe that pregnancy is not likely, as I think flywater is a 16 year old boy. I may be wrong here, but I am guessing flu. It's going around.
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Oops. Sometimes, its hard to discern gender, here.
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i would be worried if a 16 yr old boy was preggers!
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Oh gosh - you poor thing - don"t tell me you have the same nasty stomach virus I had last week - for 2 days I dind't know whether I was coming of going it actually (sorry guys) came out of both ends.
Try and keep hydrated as muchas you can.

The only good thing is that I lost about 7 lbs in the process!

Feel better soon.
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yeah it probably is a stomach virus - drink lots of fluids, rest as much as you can, dont drink milk, it will curdle your stomach.

take care of yourself!
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