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Sunday What's On Your Agenda?

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Morning All!

Cloudy and looks like more snow here today.

Heading off to work shortly, because we spent most of day yesterday working on a computer issue I have tons of work to catch up on today....

Oh well what can you do

Not much planned for after work, have to pick up a couple things at the store then home for a evening in front of either the computer or TV...

I lead such a glamorous fast paced life

Kitties are good seeing how much they can possible annoy each other before it turns into a cat fight.

Everyone have a good one
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I'm heading to a cat show and hopefully meet up with Nial and Teri to see a group of beautiful Bengals this morning.
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Laundry - first batch in the washer right now.
Write out the bills - yuck.
Do Cleo's fluids.
Finish cleaning the house - oh joy.
Get stuff ready for next week at work.
Pack my lunch.
Go to bed.

Sundays are really 'fun filled' around here...
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We'll go to Church, go to lunch and do a couple of quick errands.
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well, go & see my partner's mum & dad, have lunch. when am back home, there's lots of housework that needs doing
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i'm going out to pick up a Rx later today and exercise.

Then that's it.
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I'm going to have to find a laundromat today. My washing machine died the other day and my new one won't be delivered until Thursday

Other than that I plan on trying to relax!

Have a great Sunday everyone!!
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Good morning!

This morning I've been cleaning some of the mess me and my nephew made yesterday and I'm doing the laundry.

Later I'll go out and probably just hang around at a coffee or tea shop with a good book. I should also do some cooking later today (and stop at the groceries first). I might make a batch of fruit salad and some soup.
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Originally Posted by snosrap5 View Post
I'm heading to a cat show and hopefully meet up with Nial and Teri to see a group of beautiful Bengals this morning.
I am so jealous!!

Today, I am just going to the gym and getting some groceries..perhaps clean a bit too

Trout and I had a good snuggle session this morning in bed It was too cute...I said to her "if you stay here, mommy is going to keep petting you and never get out of bed"..she started to slowly back away from me She doesn't like it when I stay in bed
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Originally Posted by snosrap5 View Post
I'm heading to a cat show and hopefully meet up with Nial and Teri to see a group of beautiful Bengals this morning.
You are so lucky!! Have fun and tell them I said hi!

I am going to be cleaning a lot, making something to eat for my mom, and then going to hospital.
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Well I am slow roasting a pork shoulder for pulled pork sandwiches-that will take at least 6 hours!!
Neil left to go cross country skiing with a friend I might in an hour or so get out the snowshoes and walk along on of the snowmobile trails.

Nothing else going on.

All American comfort dinner tonite. Meatload with garlic mashed potatoes and peas and carrots!!
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Today I might be going to lunch with my parents, but they haven't called yet and they usually go around 11:30 so maybe they forgot about me

Then we are going with a bunch of friends to see Cloverfield at 3:15. As bad of a write-up as it got, we are going anyways. Then I don't know, I don't think I am doing much of anything the rest of the evening.
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I am not doing a whole lot today. Sitting around doing nothing. I have some laundry to put away so I will probably do that.
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I have lots planned...but whether I get to it all or not is another thing. My ambition is way ahead of my physical ability

Things I need to get done today:

1. wash my bedding and remake my bed.
2. vacuum my furniture
3. empty my dishwasher and reload it
4. put my folded laundry away

Things that I want to get done today:

1. Tidy my bedroom
2. Clean off my dresser (it's a junky flat surface that is piled 3 feet high with just junky stuff and folded clothing etc)
3. Clean the cat litter box
4. Take out my garbage
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Well, it's "occassional" showering today. What's new?

Today, we are going to a wine tasting and then to see "Atonement" - Finally!

Dinner is my carnivore hubby's favorite: steak, potatoes and whatever veggie I want to make.

Have a great day,everyone.
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First, I'm going to "say goodbye" to my former home, Mom's house. She's already moved into my brother's house, and the new owner is moving in on Thursday. I still have to pick up some stuff in the garage, but I want to have one last walk around the property (1.25 acres), take some pics for memories, and say goodbye to it. I know this may sound silly to do, but I lived there all of my life, until 4 years ago. I really think selling it is hurting me more than Mom! Until she told me she was selling it, I didn't realize just how attached I was to it. I've been a bit emotional the past few weeks, just thinking about how I'll never be able to go there again, or see the landscaping I did over the years (the house is a wreck, but grounds are very lovely--that's what I'll really miss). All of my (happy--I try not to think of the many unhappy ones there) childhood memories keep coming back, too. DH and I had hoped to buy it when Mom died, and build a bigger house on it. It was just a shock when she told me that she was leaving it. I understand why she did it, though--and of course, it's her house, and she had to do what was best for her. One of the perils of living in one place too long...too many memories that are hard to let go. It's going to be hard today.

On the brighter side, I plan to finish the "armoire from H*ll"--finally. I just need to put 2 coats of paint on the doors, and re-attach them. I already have the priming done.

I also home to finish the dresser in my sewing room--I've been working on that the past 3 weeks, too. I'm doing an antique white glazed finish on it. The top is a pain--the primer won't stick, as it's some glossy, protected wood finish. I need to take the electric sander to it, and rough it up.

I also hope to paint the curtain rods a flat black, to simulate cast iron. The room is to have a French country style--or what will pass as French country!
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Just another lazy Sunday here!

Relaxing today, went to Applebees last night with a gift card that we had - it was nice to get out of the house! Went to a hotel afterwards to visit some friends

So far today I've cleaned up the apartment & re-arranged a few things. Thinking of going to Petsmart today since I have to get a few things for the kitties

Happy Sunday!
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John got a new truck yesterday so we'll probably be outside working on that most of the day. It's a fairly nice day, still cold but not as much as it has been and it's sunny.
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This morning i worked, did three loads of washing, cleaned the kitchen, had a very long nap, cooked dinner, will eat shortly and watch a movie in the bathtub after that. Its our treat on sundays!
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It was -1 C yesterday the tempurature is steadly dropping it is now -20C. with a wind chill of -35, tonight it is going to drop down to -35, with a windchill tomorrow of -45C. I think i will stay in and cook something in the oven.
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