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Cat hanging around but terrified

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This is my first time posting in this forum but reading some of the stories, you guys are great!

My problem is a wild cat that keeps fighting with Harry. I've had to get up in the middle of the night to 'break it up' as the noise coming from this cat is terrible. He just sits there with a really long low groan and when I try to approach him he races away. I'm very worried about him as he flies onto the main road and he could easily get knocked down by a car.

I don't have a trap and I've never trapped a feral before. I don't know how I can get him to trust me as he just runs away as soon as he sees me, no matter how gently I try and approach him. I also don't want him fighting with my cat!! Even if I could get him to the vet and neutered it would be something. I feel like it's all way over my head but I really want to help him!
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It is a tricky situation as both cats are feeling territorial and will fight each other for it. But first off, I would keep your cat indoors at night to stop the fighting. Then, as the other cat becomes more confident, borrow a humane trap from your vet or a rescue and catch him. It may take a while and don't try to set the trap the first week or so - just leave it there and let him get used to findng food near or in it. At least then you can get him neutered and that will calm him down, though it may not take effect for several weeks. I made the mistake once of trapping, neutering and releasing a feral and then letting my cats out too soon. He went for them and then for me when I broke up the fight and I ended up with 12 stitches in my head.

But do not assume that will solve the problem. I would recommend keeping your cat indoors at night if you can - it is a dangerous time for cats what with ferals and other predators around, and the most likely time for htem to get run over, too.
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I don't know where in Ireland you are, but I looked up these links for someone in Northern Ireland, and he was able to find someone to help him trap/spay/neuter:

These links may help you find someone - but it's worth a call to the vet. Ours has one they lend out.

Scroll down: http://www.petsandvets.com/shelters2.htm

But your vet may know of a place or person in your area who can help, so it's always worth a call.

Having him neutered may help calm him down - but there are no guarantees. It really is best just to keep your kitty inside at night.

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Thank you for your replies; I will look into those links. I am outside Dublin but I will speak to my vet.

I have no issue with keeping Harry in at night but he has an issue with it! He gets really hyper and keeps us awake. We usually give in and let him out just to get a good night's sleep.
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For kitties used to being outside, the schedule change is a bit difficult to manage at first. If you've got any wand-type / interactive toys (like a laser pen if he likes that kind of thing) can REALLY help. It sounds like a pain in the butt, but playing with him and keeping him running around for like an hour before you're going to head to sleep should really help. Not at first, because he'll be upset his routine is changed and his freedom restricted, but it will help. I don't know how many of you there are in the house - but a good set of ear plugs for everyone might not hurt either!

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