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Music-Loving Kitties?

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I've noticed this lately: Whenever I sing--whether it's alone or singing along to music--Tiny and Baby come up to me and cuddle. It never fails! Whistling works too. So does playing the recorder. But it has to be ME--they won't fall for recorded music!

I wonder whether they think I'm being tortured and they must come to my rescue!
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haha, idk but Ico, a kitty that used to live with me LOVES music.

she swishes her tail to the beat and even liked to dance around the room with me!

I used to sing songs to her, replacing all the words with "mew"
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Sounds cute, I'll have to try it with Blossom.
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The song that I sang to Arwen was rather amusing, but it suited her at the time...anyone watch the episode of Friends when Phoebe sings the Smelly Cat song? I decided last night to sing it to Arwen, as she had this rather strange whiff about her, each time she fidgeted on my lap I caught the smell up my nose!

Methinks it's her bath day today...
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sounds cute, am going to have to try that with my lot now
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Wicked loves it when I sing. Smidgeon is usually too busy getting into something to pay attention hehe. And I havent had a chance to sing to Quincey yet .
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I noticed the other day, when i turned the radio on, and was singing and dancing around, that when i got over to Oreo, he was watching me, and was swaying back and forth with me, almost like he was mimicking me! It was pretty cool.
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