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Happy Gotcha Day, Sebastian! (pic heavy)

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It has been a little over 11 years since Sebastian decided I was his person.

In 1997, I had to move back in with mom because I lost my job. According to mom, Seb had been sleeping on her porch for awhile. He came from an abusive home across the street. When I moved in, he moved in, too. The next few years were rather dark and challenging for me. Through it all, Sebastian was there with his cold nose, loud purr and so much tolerance. He really is my soul kitty and best friend

At his first checkup, the vet said he was about a year old. I don't know his true birthday, so am celebrating his gotcha day in January

Here are some photos through the years. Some aren't great, but wanted to show a bit of his life before we lived alone.

Happy Gotcha Day, Snoogy-Woogy-Punkin-Bear!

Age 12

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Happy Gotcha Day, Sebastian. Great pics, Bonnie, he's a beautiful fellow. I love the one in the snow.
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Happy gocha day, Sebastian! Cats do seem to have a way of finding cat lovers and better homes.
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Awww Seb you gorgeous boy, Happy Gotcha Day!!!
I love this pic.

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happy gotcha day!
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Awww. I love him. Happy gotcha day Sebastian.
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He's so handsome! Happy Gotcha Day big boy! Make sure Mom makes you a nice mouse-flavored cake
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Happy gotcha Day Sebastian. I sounds like you've been a true friend to your human.
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Happy gotcha day, you big beautiful man!!!
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What a big GORGEOUS boy he is...I Love his pics through the years
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Happy Gotcha Day Seb!! You are such a handsome fellow
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I LOVE Gotcha Days! Happy GD, Mr. Sebastian! I love the one where you're licking your nose.

I see you're well-loved and well-fed. What more could a cat wish for? You're one handsome fella.
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Thanks everyone He did not get a mousecake He did get some fishy wet food (usually a no-no), some chewy treats and I unveiled a new batch of cat grass. So he has had a good day He is the first cat I have had this long. Its amazing how they weave themselves into your life.

Edit: forgot about Da Bird I bought yesterday. He loves that, too!
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