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I have a couple very fluffy, soft, huggable medium/long-haired 10 month old kittens. I need to start grooming them better and am considering a Furminator. I hear a lot about big piles of fur after using it.....would this thin the cats' hair out so they aren't as fluffy anymore? And how does this device work - it wouldn't make their fur any shorter, would it? I just don't want to ruin/thin out their pretty coats.
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IT claims to only pull loose and dead hair thou some have said it can cut ... SO it should not unless the fluff is dead or loose hair
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Thanks sharky!

Sorry if these q's are stupid...but there's an $8 difference between these 2 models on amazon, but they look to be the same thing...anyone know the difference?

And is small good for 9-11 lb cats, or would they need a larger one?
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I had a problem with one of my DSHs who did have some thinning, but he doesn't really need grooming and loves the furminator so it was more of an overgrooming issue.

I personally found the cat one was too small for my cats and traded it in for the smallest of the yellow ones (although I didn't realise there was a blue one and thought there was three yellow ones)
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Just don't use it more than once a week.

You'll be fine with the cheaper one

It brings up all the loose, dead hair and for my cats, it didn't bring up carpets worth because they weren't shedding, I just wanted to test it out. Worked great though. It's not going to shorten or defluff your kitty
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We don't have any thinning hair issues. Jack is a medium to long haired cat and really doesn't need the furminator often. Usually once every 2 weeks--in general he doesn't shed and doesn't mat or get knots--I think we got lucky.

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Originally Posted by novemberflowers View Post
Thanks sharky!

Sorry if these q's are stupid...but there's an $8 difference between these 2 models on amazon, but they look to be the same thing...anyone know the difference?

And is small good for 9-11 lb cats, or would they need a larger one?
Zero difference other than color. I loff my furminator!!!! I have two undercoated dogs and a long haired cat. Everyone gets furminated weekly, everyone is beautiful and fluffy. But the aboslute best is that there are far less dust bunnies when sweeping and vaccuming, and when you go to pet the animals there is not a huge cloud of hair wafting away.
they are oh so worth the money.

My only advice when using it is dont zone out stroking your cat with it while watching TV, you can make a bald spot
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Thanks....I'm going to get one. They shed all over the place, so they probably have a lot of dead hair to remove. Unfortunately, they hate to get groomed....when I brush them, they bite the comb and try to eat the hair I comb off of them and wiggle away from me. Hopefully with patience and persistence, they will learn to like it.
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My cat loffs the furminator. he'll pur so loudly you can hear him across the room! but he loves being combed too.
I would suggest being very non chalant when using the furminator. Many cats dont mind being groomed as long as the structure and "order" of the grooming session is left out of it. maybe keeping the furminator in your back pocket, and whipping it out for some brushing whenever your cat is relaxed and in the mood for some physical attention may help.
mine, i am suprised he hasnt picked it up and tried to use it on his own
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Big Furminator fans here. Smudge used to always sleep on my pillow, and I would have fur EVERWHERE. We tried about 3 different brushes before finally getting the Furminator. The difference was amazing. IT got so much fur of the cats - it's the only brush that will get fur off of Stumpy - and Smudge sheds so much less now. All of the cats still have great coats.

Our neighbour borrowed it for her cat who has a coarse, raggedy looking coat. She gave it back to us saying she was impressed. Next time we saw her cat, I patted her and exclaimed how gorgeous her coat was - it was incredibly soft and shiny. My neighbour said it's because she bought the Furminator It made such a difference, and her cat looks a few lbs lighter now as well
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The furminator works great. I have the blue one and it's plenty big for my grown cats. It does not cut at all. I remember one person who had posted awhile back had never even used one but claimed it cut. I think some believe that because they call it a "blade". But it is not sharp, and it doesn't cut the fur out. It just gently pulls out the cottony undercoat that is already loose. Good luck with it! I think you'll like it!
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Is it best for long haired cats ? My cat has medium hair
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You might want to call round to any of the shelters or groomers in your area and see if they use the Furminator and get their advice. When the company first started, they gave the products to a lot of shelters and groomers, to sort of get a buzz going and to gain local recommendations.

I have two DSH and they love the furminator. First time around I got a lot of dead hair out, even more than with the zoom groom. Now we just do a little session every morning becuase they just love it - they got to its storage basket and wait for me to give them a little brush.

Just don't press too hard, if you do decide to get it. But I absolutely love it for mine. I've got the purple one from Petsmart.
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Originally Posted by meow meow View Post
Is it best for long haired cats ? My cat has medium hair
My cats are short haired and it works great
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Our furminator came yesterday! The cats are a little suspicious of it right now and try to attack it, but I was able to get a little use on it and it seems to work well! We'll use it a little each day and hopefully they will accept it more.
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Mine don't like to sit still to be groomed but it does work wonders. I usually use it twice a month or whenever I start noticing hair on my hands after I pet them. If only I could get them to sit still while I brush them.
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