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Siamese breeder

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Hi, I'm looking for a Siamese kitten, male, seal point. Can someone recommend a breeder in the NJ, NY, CT, PA area? I am not looking to breed or show, just someone to love.

Naturally, I want a reputable breeder, and am looking for, I think, a "wedge" not an "apple." I love the long, lean, lanky look and sharp features. I'm not sure how to explain it exactly.

Can someone give me some pointers, and recommend a breeder?

Thanks, everyone!

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Here's a brief description of what you're looking for -

To find a list of breeders, try here -

You may also want to think about attending cat shows in your area to meet some breeders and see their cats.

There are more experienced people here who will be able to give you more advice on what to look for in a reputable breeder and what to stay away from.

And of course since I'm involved with Siamese rescue, I just have to mention that another option is to adopt a Meezer from a breed rescue.

Good luck with your search!
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I agree to check out the local shows. You are in a prime area for shows (NY, NJ, Penn, Maryland) - when you go to the CFA website, click on Show Calendar and see what's coming up - I know there are a lot of shows in the area in the next few months.

You might also consider adopting a retired breeding siamese too as they would usually be about 1/2 the cost of a qood quality kitten. You might want to make arrangements to visit some of the catteries before you pick out the right kitten. Siamese are popular and you want to avoid the backyard breeders.
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Definitely go to a show if you can - it's the best way to meet and talk to several breeders and see one or two of their cats all in the same place, especially since you're after a modern Siamese you should find a good number of breeders at even a smaller show. Some shows also have breed club stalls and asking there you will usually find that they have a breeder list and know who has kittens or is due to have kittens, they are also likely to have information about older rehomes or retired breeding cats too if that is what you are looking for.

Going to a show you at least know that the breeders there showing are the ones who take what they are doing seriously - but it's still important to make an appointment to go and see any breeders you are interested in at their homes to see how their cats live - except for queens with young kittens, and studs who will probably be housed seperately (but not in small cages though), the cats should have the run of the home and not be routinely caged. Check to make sure the queens aren't being bred too often, usually one litter a year is good and gives the queen adequate time to recover and get back to peak health before mating again. As we're talking about Siamese here, the cats shouldn't be too shy and I would be surprised and consider it a bad sign to go to a home with several Siamese and not have at least some of them immediately come over to investigate the visitor!

Good luck in your search for a perfect Siamese friend
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I did try some of those routes (i.e. search the internet) and called several breeders. But I just wanted to know, of those breeders, whom (who?) can I trust? I'm not sure I liked the sound of some of them, and they all swore they were THE place to purchase a purebred.

I thought about cat shows, but do you actually buy from them or do you just make appointments to go to the cattery and pick one out? Don't prospective buyers have to be screened? I hope so - for the cat's sake!

And what do I look for? AACE, CFF, CFA, ACA, TCA, FBRL, what do they mean? Is one better than the other?

I found a site pets4you and started there. I didn't see the other sites.

Thanks again for the info, and I'll take all of the help I can get!

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I am not an expert, but I can answer a few of your questions from above...

At a cat show, the breeders exhibit their cats, if you went to one you could look around at all of the siamese on exhibit there and see what you like in person and get a feel for their personalities. It will also give you a chance to meet the breeders in person and get business cards or probably even set up a visit to their cattery. Although some breeders might bring a cat that they are interested in rehoming/selling to a show, a good breeder wouldn't sell to you at the show and would require references, etc.

A good breeder will also have a contract that you must sign that specifies things like returning the cat to them if you can't keep it or if it has a medical problem and requiring you to get it spayed/neutered. They should also not shy away from you going to their cattery in person.

CFA, ACA, TICA- are all cat show/registration organizations and the FBRL: is a list of breeders and breed information (it is not affiliated with a specific cat show organization).

Another good source of information is the "breed council" on the breed you're interested in, I know you can find the siamese breed council as a link off of the CFA siamese breed description. Many times the breed council can give you a list of breeders in good standing on the breed council if you contact them.

Another thing to look for (at least with CFA) is when a cattery gets a "cattery of excellence" award. This means that the cattery has met certain standards and is in good standing with that organization.

I am sorry that I can't help with the other initials you listed, as I'm not familiar with them.

Another note, some breeders register with multiple cat show organizations, so that shouldn't be a turn-off for you. They do that so that if you buy a cat from them you can show it in either organization.

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Donna, you can purchase kittens at cat shows. When I purchased my Siamese at a cat show the breeder sat me down and asked me about 50 questions, went over her entire contract with me, then sent me on my way to think about everything for a bit. When I came back a little later I knew I wanted a kitten from this breeder and she was happy with me, so I left with a kitten. It certainly wasn't taken lightly by either of us, and I have no doubt that had she gotten a negative feeling from me or my answers then I would not have left with one of her cats. If you find a breeder at a show that is willing to let you take a baby without any questions asked then I would find another breeder. One more thing to condsider if you do purchase a kitten at a cat show, it is much easier to have a kitten from a breeder that is in your general area incase anything goes wrong and the kitten has to go back, be it for a few days or permanently, so you may want to try to find one that lives near you.
I would also suggest looking for a kitten that is CFA or TICA registered.
Also, this is a good Siamese site with a lot of breeders so someone may be able to suggest a good breeder in your area.
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Some breeders do have kittens or retired show cats for sale at shows. I prefer NOT to buy at shows cause its more of an impulse buying. I like to get to know the person first, find out their reasons of why they want a certain breed and have them come and visit me at my house before I hand over one of my babies.
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I would love to "meet" the kitten first and see if we have a "connection" and purchasing one at a cat show, I think, would not afford me that opportunity.

One breeder I spoke to said she did NOT do any, I think she called it "inline" breeding. Is it true that breeders are allowed to mate something like a father and daughter? This was the only breeder who told me she did not do that, and that it was allowed by the CFA. Is it a common practice?

I'm so sorry to be asking so many questions, but I've never bought a purebred before (or any cat, for that matter - I have always rescued strays). I can't tell you how long I have dreamed of a wedge, seal point Siamese. Hopefully, I will finally get one!

Thank you ALL for your helpful information.
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
Some breeders do have kittens or retired show cats for sale at shows. I prefer NOT to buy at shows cause its more of an impulse buying. I like to get to know the person first, find out their reasons of why they want a certain breed and have them come and visit me at my house before I hand over one of my babies.
I agree - it doesn't happen at all in the UK anyway (or it shouldn't) as the GCCF explicitly bans cats changing hands at their shows, and we have legislation specifically banning the sale of live animals at public fairs which also covers shows and exhibitions. I think it's far better to see cats and kittens in situ anyway - a breeder can win plenty of rosettes for their cats, but it doesn't guarantee that they are raising their kittens in a way to make them good pets. It's also better if you can sit down and discuss the details away from the distractions of a show hall.
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At the show where we first met the Oci and DH fell in love and wanted one, we could have had one of Charlie's cousins - he was available. I understand he's now living in Missouri or Kansas as a show alter

But I don't impulse buy - we went home and research the breed and started contacting a few other breeders. Wound up back with Charlie's breeder after looking at other breeders and them not having what we wanted at the time. Our problem was that none of the breeders were close enough to visit. We had to relay on gut feelings and talking by phone/emails.

When we get another Oci, we will have to do the same thing - I have 2 other breeders that I like their cats; both live many states away - so again will have to go with phone/email and gut feelings based on their websites and what they have. I know what breeders I would not buy a cat from
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Not everyone buying a kitten at a cat show does so on impulse. I for one knew exactly what I was looking for (having had more than one Siamese in the past) and intended on leaving the show with either a kitten or having made plans to visit kittens in their home. I had been looking for a well bred Siamese in my area for months to no avail, and was unable to travel long distances to view kittens. So a local cat show was ideal for me, and certainly not impulsive.
I realise that some people may want to buy a cat or kitten at a show on impulse, but I should hope that any good breeders would be able to tell the difference.
Good luck with finding a kitten Donna
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