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Moving abroad to the UK with my Cat

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This is my first post on here. I'm in need of some reassuring and I need to be calmed. I'm starting to freak out a bit with regards to taking my most beloved cat Wicket overseas.
A brief story: I found her in a farm at 5 weeks old. She is now 7 years old. She is a tortie and named her wicket cause she looked like an ewok from Star Wars when we first got her. She is my life. She is a big part of my happiness. Without her, part of me is gone. So you know i'm seriously attached to her. I work on in the aviation industry and i'm away frequently, but looked afterr by my parents.

I'm moving to the UK in March, however, Wicket is unable to come with me until July, after the 6 month period. I am following the DEFRA Pets programme. I don't care how much it costs. She's worth it.

When i'm home, she sticks around me like a bad smell, but she's a good smell in this case .

However, I'm starting to become terrified of this whole putting her into a cage for a good 10 hours, having her in the cargo hold, not being with her (Starting to cry already), making sure that what i've done to make sure she is compliance with the UK standards, and heaven forbid, the micro chip doesn't read and then she has no choice to go home and is subject to 6 months in quarintine with NO visits...my life would be over.

Do you think 7 year old cat is too old to travel and should be adopted by my parents and be miserable or do I take her with me. I want the best for her and its tearing me up.

Does anyone here have any experience with this?

Then the other thing is, she'll be leaving behind another cat, not her best friend, but they do play and will she adapt to being in England? Is the food different? Oh my...starting to cry again....Any advice.

would it be too traumatic for her?

Please help!
Wickets Mom
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You sound very knowledgeable and prepared about this move. From your description, you've got it under control and should go ahead and move her.

Talk to your vet about drugs for the plane ride. I've never put a cat on the plane, but I have put cats in the car across the US, and I must say I wasn't happy with the drugs my vet gave me to clam the cat; it knocked her out too much for my comfort. However, if you are concerned about the stress of the situation, it might be a good option.
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i'm against sedating my cat. Too much on the heart. I do agree with sedating me though. I'm gonna be such a nervous wreck. She's so happy here and I wouldnt want to take that away from her. She already lost her best friend 2 years ago, when April ran off and Wicket was lost.
My heart is breaking and i'm so emotional about it.

With regards to the process, i'm following everything exactly as DEFRA want it.

I think I might put my self in the baggage comepartment too.
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good luck!!

Ive never had to move a cat on an airplane either so that's going to be tough. I know cats don't like to move but that doesn't mean they can't. They can deal with a lot more then I think we give them credit for just because we know they don't like it. I know one member here bought a cat from the US and it had to be shipped to the netherlands, on it's own, before they even met and it turned out just fine I think.

You are obviously a big constant in wickets life, so as long as she has you i'm sure she'll learn to be just as happy in the UK. It won't be easy, but I think it's worth it to have your baby with you, If I was moving I would bring mine.

The only thing I can possibly ask is can you not bring her in the cabin with you?? I know many members who have done that....
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No unfortunatly u can't anymore on Air Canada. If you travel West Jet domestic, you can.
Thanks for you comments. I'll keep strong.
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I moved back from the US to New Zealand and took my two cats with me.

Since you are using a pet transporter, they know what they are doing and they will NOT sedate your cat - it is too dangerous.

My two cats handled their travel just fine and they went through their quarantine just fine as well - and they have been living happily in NZ for the last two years.

Since you are using a pet transporter, ask them to keep you up to date with everything - when Peedoodle and Kahu were being flown across the world, they updated me with any stops they had - it was SO helpful. And when they arrived, they had a full report. It was really helpful.

I don't know if it will ease your mind, but your cats will be okay - Peedoodle and Kahu are behaving as normal - Peedoodle was 5 and Kahu was 3 when I moved them. I think they are happy as long as they are with us and not with someone else.

Wicket will be okay, and it will be a happy reunion when you guys are together in the UK.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to send me a private message, I am more than happy to help.
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Hi ! do not worry for your cat being on the box.... i understand you will not be travelling with her so i would not recomend other people giving her a sedative, i travelled many times with cats in airplanes, also transatlantic flights, i always gave them a tranquilizer, they were never 100% sedated, just calmed, i followed my vet's instructions for the pills.

I would also recomend you taking with you in a plastic bag a little of her litter box (close it well ) so you can put it in her new litter box and make her fill more at home after such a long trip...

I wish you and your kitty a safe trip !!
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