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In a few weeks I will be getting a new puppy, what will be the best way to introduce him to my two cats, Baby and Rhett? Baby is three years and Rhett is 1 and a half years. They're both pretty mellow, and like to sleep, A LOT! The only thing is, is that they can get moody, and Baby hasn't been very kind to dogs in the past.
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First I would set up for the puppy in an obvious way so that your cats see there is some change and expect something new. It also never hurts to talk to them about it either, who knows how much or little we understand each other. I would definitely keep the puppy in a separate room so the cats don't feel punished and threatened. When introducing them, make sure you support the cats as well as the puppy, don't let the kitties feel like the puppy is the center of attention, but that the puppy is part of the family now. Good luck!
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