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I haven't posted here in a while, but I'm kind of stressed atm. It's Saturday night where I'm at so of course no vet offices are open.

My 4 year old neutered male cat Sven has always had kind of bad teeth. I put some special wash in my cat's drinking water to try to help it - he HATES having his teeth brushed so that was a no-go.

The problem now is this. I noticed earlier today he kept snaking his tongue out, which was odd. Then I petted the left side of his cheek and he opened his jaw with a weird twitch. I was like "ok that's odd, he never does that" so I had my husband hold him down while I got the flash light to look into his mouth.

Well, one of the bottom teeth is all swollen around the gum line and it obviously was pretty sore. So I hopped online and did some research and I THINK he may have a Cervical Line Lesion caused by general gingivitus.

I'm going to monitor it tomorrow and if he's not better by tomorrow night, he's going to the vet Monday. We have 5-6 vet offices with one-two vets per office right in town and another 2-3 within a half hour or 45 minute drive. My current vet told me that there are no vet-dentists up here (I had to take my American Bobtail in about a month ago because he has impacted back molars -_- ) but that seems really unlikely because there are quite a few vets in the area. I'm wondering if it's just her trying to send me to an associate office down state to keep the money "in the family" so to speak.

Anyway, if it IS a CLL, he'll probably have to get that tooth pulled. I'm not rich, so I hope this isn't going to run more than 200 or 300 bucks (Holidays leave me broke for the next few months afterwards :/ ) can anyone give me an estimate on how much it usually runs for a tooth extraction?

I'm praying that he and the Bobtail (Keiten) just got too rowdy when they were playing and he caught a claw in the side of his mouth (they like to play kick at each other's heads :p ) but... that's probably unlikely and I'm feeling fairly certain it's a CLL. Is there any other info someone has on this? Alternate treatments to teeth-pulling so he doesn't have to lose a tooth?

These cats stress me out so badly sometimes when they get sick or hurt