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The SO's swearing must be contagious!!

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So after Neil snowblows the driveway and make paths around the yard he must have decided because it was warm enough (around 20F) to start and run his vintage John Deere tractor around the yard. No big deal as it probably hadn't been run for 6 weeks or so.
So I saw him driving around-again no big deal he stayed on the more uncultivated parts of our land until be goes on the road so he can use the driveway as he backs into the other garage aka "his workshop".

Oh did I mention that this fall he had trouble keeping the tractor running???
Joys of a 56 yr old tractor
Problems with the fuel line getting clogged -which we will have to trailer to the shop that will have to repair it in the spring. So it stalls on the road. Starts goes a couple feet stalls.
Repeat!!!! He is on a slight incline too. The snowplow had to dodge him a couple of times-bet that driver was happy. He has to let the tractor sit while the fuel line fills with gas.

So he said to put the hitch on the truck and back up onto the road so he can hook the chain on and I will have to pull into driveway. So I have to make a pretty sharp 90 degree turn and even though I had in 4WD and low gear the back end of the truck starts sliding sideways in the driveway (just had over 3 inches of snow). Should have had the window shut as of course I stop and he is yelling as I have both lanes of the road (thank goodness not a busy road) blocked by the chain and the tractor.

After many tense seconds I manage to get the truck moving in the right direction and pull the tractor in as far as I can so I can still put the truck back in the garage.

More yelling about stopping in the middle of pulling him. Can't say I've ever driven a truck and pulled a tractor of the same weight. This is a good plug for my full size Ford F150 though!!

So hopefully this is the last of that excitement for a while.

The tractor is back in garage after many attempts.
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Oh dear! B really started a trend across American

My ears are no longer violated...I woke up early this morning and repeated over and over:

"Puppies, Kitties, and Ponies...Puppies, Kitties, and Ponies....Puppies, Kitties, and Ponies...Puppies, Kitties, and Ponies"

Then I listen to soft classical music the rest of the day. Hopefully that trick will help reverse all the swearing you just heard.

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Oy fun!
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my DH is unusual in the almost 6 years weve been together *been married for almost 2* I have never heard him say a swear word not one time...hes just a bit unusual
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oh my....
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