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In memory of Ivy

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When I was a kid, I asked for a kitten for every Christmas and birthday. My mom is very allergic to cats and so the answer was always no. A few months after she married my step-dad, he was trying to impress us I think and took my sisters and I to the humane society to get a cat. I don't think he even told my mom that we were going (smart huh?).

I picked out Ivy. Ivy was the name that the humane society gave her, we never changed it. I thought she was so pretty, a skinny little silver tabby who was about 1-2 years old when we brought her home. This was on April 17, 1996. I have a feeling that she had been at the humane society since Christmas (based on her name), but you never know.

My mom is not a cat person and because of the allergies, Ivy was an indoor/outdoor cat. (I was in middle school and had no idea how dangerous this could be for a cat). She put up with a busy house, many dogs, and just kind of did her own thing. She often brought "gifts" to the front door for us (dead birds, usually). She dealt with many moves to different houses. Ivy had a warm blanket in the garage that she loved to sleep on. She wasn't a cuddler or a people person, but she would sleep on my bed sometimes too. She also drooled all the time. It seemed like she always had drool hanging from her mouth. (Again, I had no idea this was something that indicated something was wrong and that she should see the vet).

After my mom and step-dad divorced in 2005, Ivy went to live with my step-dad. In fall of 2005 or 2006 (??? I don't even remember, isn't that awful?), Ivy passed away. She was only about 12 years old. (I am assuming that she did, step-dad says that she just never came home which of course is something she's never done before). I don't know what happened to her

I don't even have a picture of Ivy, but I know my mom has some at her house. So Ivy - I'm sorry that we didn't take better care of you and didn't keep you inside all the time. I'm sorry I didn't realize that drooling was something you needed to see the vet for and that I didn't make my mom take you. You were a wonderful cat.
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You loved your girl and that was the important thing.
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What a beautiful tribute to Ivy I am sure that she was very happy to have been in a loving home and looks foward to the day when you are reunited again, over RB, this time forever
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You gave Ivy a loving home and gave her a chance outside the shelter. She knew you loved her, and that is what matters.
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RIP IVY Your meowmy misses you!

You did all you could do!! Its a beautiful tribute to her! Dont worry, she knew you loved her, and she's probably checking in on you right now!
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she certainly had a wonderful home with you and was given the freedom and love to be herself.
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Awww I am sorry May Ivy rest in peace...she knew you loved her
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What a wonderful tribute. I can tell you loved her very much. Rest in Peace Ivy.
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