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I sold my house today!

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When you drive around the town I live in you see For Sale signs everywhere on houses that have been sitting there forever. I guess it is the same everywhere. We are moving into our new townhome in 2 months and were staying up nights worrying about where the money was going to come from. After having 70 showings and no offers, my dear wife said "why don't we paint the entire interior one solid color of beige?" which I reluctantly agreed to.

Two days after the painting was finished we had a contract on our house and have since got two more. I am so glad this house is sold but I am going to have to live with DW ranting "I told you so" for the rest of my life!
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Congrats, Lee! I wonder if your wife watched one of those shows they have, I think it's called "Sell My House" or something and that's where she got the idea from
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Congratulations!. That's one less thing to worry about

I have to side with your wife though Lee, because i've sold 3 homes and all were painted in neutral colours and sold quickly. I love neutral colours anyway, but i always remember the agent telling me on one of my homes that i sold that having the walls the colours they were was a blank canvas for potential buyers, and the house i'm in now had the same neutral colours as i use, and i knew straight away that this was the house for me
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Yes, Katie and Susan are right. It's classically known among realtors and designers that painting the house a neutral color helps tremendously in the sales.

By your wife flowers, thank her for the suggestion, and listen to her more often
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Congratulations! How exciting for you!!!!!
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Awwwwwwww Congrats Lee!
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That is wonderful news!!! congrats!!
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Congrats! That's awesome! I know that it's been really hard for some people, so you're really lucky!
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Hey Congratulations!!! My Mom and I have been watching those shows about selling your house whenever I'm at her house. We both know we've got a lot of re-painting to do!
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Congratulations! It has to be worth 1 or 2 "I told you so" moments... at least it sold!
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