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Do Your Cat's Have You Trained...?

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I was thinking about this this morning as I was heading out the door.

First I pushed a chair close to the floating wall I have in my loft so if Linus got up there(he scoots up the drapes)he could get down.
Next I made sure no toilet paper was hanging as long as it's not dangling Pixie will leave it along.
Then I checked to make sure any glasses one the counter were placed in the sink so Sassy wouldn't stick his head in them and knock them off.

I do things like this all the time without even thinking about it...

I would say my cat's have me fairly well trained
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Oh, definitely. I have to have morning play session with Butzie before breakfast, or she will try to ruin said breakfast.
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Hmm... I have a routine that includes the cats; and the one chore I always do no matter how tired I am is emptying the cat boxes and filling the bowls. But I think it's more of a matter of me training them to expect things at a certain time, rather than them training me. Or maybe the routine is training all of us. We're certainly all happier when we know what to expect.
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Of course She knows exactly how to get me to do what she wants.
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My three 'charmed ones' sure do...I affectionately call them my 'bed slugs' for one...I tell ya, they sure know how to keep me in bed longer than I am supposed to!!!

I also have to make sure the TP is not within reach, or I will come home to a lovely mess compliments of Brazil.

I don't keep anything of 'value' near the edge of any shelf, table, or counter, or any of the three might cause a state of less value to the items.

I keep a soft cloth near my computer to wipe paw prints off the top of it; I also have to be careful of my keyboard when I am typing sometimes, because one may come up and want to chase the words,or mouse! They love the moving smilies too! ha.
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Yes, or at least Swanie does. Cindy is more accommodating, but with Swanie it's all about him. For example, I have to toss him treats before I can get downstairs in the morning (he waits on the first step down). After we get downstairs, he jumps up on the counter to be brushed, which I have to do before I can have my own breakfast. He likes to eat in various different spots, so when I get his food in his bowl, I have to go hunting for where he's decided he wants to eat (usually under a table, behind a chair, down in the far bedroom), etc.
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They have me so trained. After the morning feeding, I head into the cat room to open any closed squares , collect all cat balls into a pile, open the drapes so the midmorning sun stretches across cat beds.
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I must be trained also. I too have to search for cups that got left behind. Especially if there is a straw. The girls are always in to something. Louie pretty much sits back and watches.
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Arwen has me trained alright I know that I have to keep my bedroom door open for her to follow me in. During the night, I have to wake up to let her out when she is ready (she mews loudly to let me know)

I also leave my cup of water on the windowsill for her now, I hardly touch it to make sure she has some...and she has her own space on my bed now too!
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I know better than to go to bed without leaving the bedroom door cracked so Mia can come in and out when she wants. If Mia can't come in the room when she's ready to sleep she'll sit outside the door and cry and it's the most pitiful sound.
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They are clever aren`t they?!

Maisie only makes me do nice things like lay under the duvet so she can lay on top and be extra comfy.

Kitty has had much more practice though. The looks I get at work when they say to stay after for a coffee and I say 'no' because Kitty will be cross if I`m not back to give him his afternoon cuddle etc
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Yep - when it comes to getting me up, getting food, retrieving their toys, getting rubs - you name it, I am definitely trained
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Originally Posted by Iluvdevons View Post
Yep - when it comes to getting me up, getting food, retrieving their toys, getting rubs - you name it, I am definitely trained
Sounds like our house. Heck, my cats even have my parents trained and they don't even live with us.
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