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Food Dish

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Are your cats attached to their food dish. We have had Kody for a little over a year. Since we had him he's always used the same small blue dish for his canned food. Well the other day awful person that I am broke that little blue dish. I tried every extra cat dish and small human dish I had to put his canned food in but he wouldn't touch it!!! My daughter had to go out and look all over till she found a dish that was exactly like his (only difference was this one had a fish on it). Only then would he eat the canned food!! Thank goodness she found one or I don't know what I would have done. You better believe we are going to to get him a spare!!!
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my cat's are always swapping bowls! ocasionally, i catch them getting a sneaky lick off our plate's, after we've had a meal
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I have two bowls for Butzie. One for the food and one in the dishwasher. She doesn't seem to mlnd.
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Riley scoops his off the bowl onto the floor and eats it. I don't know why I don't just start dumping it straight on the floor
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Pepper is... she won't eat out of anything else, not even our hands, and she doesn't eat treats.
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YES... I too broke Zoeys first dish and she didnt forgive me for a good 3 weeks
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Niko doesn't care what his food is in, but he cares /where/ I put the bowl. Once, I tried to change the area where we feed him (maybe by two yards, at the most) and instead of gobbling it up readily, as per norm, he just kept begging for it. He was purring, the tip of his tail was "vibrating", and he was rubbing against my legs like he does while I'm preparing his dish.. but it was sitting right there in front of him. He'd smell it, though wouldn't touch it until I put it back in it's normal spot. I could see if I tried to put it in a separate room, but I wouldn't have thought just that short a distance would make such a difference.
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Blossom has a few dishes, she doesn't mind what dish her food is in. She'll even eat it out of the dog's bowl.
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Sierra and Serenity have long since had the same dishes which are two little China dishes I got from the Oriental Market, each with her own design. I recently had the very same issue with Sierra when I dropped her dish and shattered it all over the floor. Sierra was devastated, bad Mommy! She wouldn't eat out of her sisters dish, she wanted her own dish back! Don't you know the next day I was at the Oriental Market to find her specific dish! She was so happy when I brought it home to serve her favorite meal!
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My cats eat out of unbreakable stainless steel bowls! Unless I get really creative and clumsy at the same time, I don't think I'll ever have to replace those.

I can sympathize with those picky cats, though. When things change unexpectedly, it's unsettling. It's like being dumped unexpectedly into the deep end of the pool--even if you can swim, it's still a startling experience.
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My kitties each have their own stainless steel food bowl, but they eat out of each others as though one of them has a different flavour or something

And they will occasionally eat the dog food too..
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Neither of mine seem to care what bowl I use. I've been through a number of different ones, not because I broke them, but because I was trying to find the best kind. I've settled on small stainless steel bowls, and I have have 6 of them, 2 for their dry food and 4 for their wet food.
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Lexi was like that. She had her own bowl when we were introducing her to the other kids. For the longest time she would only eat out of her bowl. But then one time she was sitting watching me fill the bowls. She went to the big bowl, smelled it and then started eating out of it. It was like she just discovered it was the same food.
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