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What causes dingle berry??

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I caught one of my kitties having dingle berry yesterday.

Little bit of her poop was stuck on her and she was dragging her butt to get rid of it.
My cats are short hair and it doesn't leave mess on their fur, but it does leave mess on the floor!!

It doesn't happen often, but when it happens, it makes me wonder what is causing it.

I scooped her poop right after that and it was nice and hard....

Thanks for your input!
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if they're short hair?

the most common cause of this that I've seen in my short hairs is hair. human hair.

every once in awhile (not often) I'll see a longish piece of my hair with some yuck stuck to it coming out of their booty's.

it's kinds gross but not harmful, just don't pull on it. If you see a lot of hair, or if this happens frequently, I would take kitty to a vet to make sure there are no blockages.
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How big is your cat? Our heaviest boy has this problem and it's due to his weight. The vet shaved him last week and it has helped a bit.
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Ah, that makes sense.

Do I suppose to help them when they are dragging their butt?
After picking my kitty up, I wet tissue paper and wiped her a little.

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The fact is, dingleberries happen. They happen to ALL our kitties at one time or another. Keeping their hiney hair shaved can help tremendously (have a vet do it or a groomer). I've also found that a quick wipe with Nature's Miracle Pet Wipes helps too.
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Every once in awhile Oliver gets these, but (not to be graphic) they're not like still partially in his bum, usually stuck on some butt cheek hair haha... I try to get him before the scoot - just pick his bum end up by puttin an arm under his belly and snag it with a tissue... no harm no foul, just a weird look from him haha
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Ah the joys of owning a cat!
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