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My babies

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Thanks for the advice on posting pictures and for the lovely warm welcomes. What a friendly site.

Here i go at posting pics of my 2 bundles of fluff.

Lets just see if i got it right
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Awww, they are adorable!!
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Oh wow, that picture is too cute!
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How precious they are.
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oh wow!! they are adorable!!
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They are so cute!
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you have very cute bundles of fluff
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Hi and thank you all so much

Yes i have to agree they are sooo cute, cant imagine life without them and I've only had them a month.

They are always together awake , asleep or going to the litter tray...
Lyra sometimes 'loses' snowbell and just stands still and meows till she appears
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Holy Moly! Where is the cuteness warning??

They are just toooo cute!
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aww! sooo sweet
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