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Vet said kitten is much older then we thought

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(Not sure if this is this is the right forum, feel free to move my message)

We decided to take Nymeria to our local vet for the first time for a general check up after her spaying at the last week at the shelter were we adopted her from. When the vet looked at the paperwork and asked us how old she was we said she was about 5 months old. The vet said that it couldn't be right because she has all of her adult teeth in, and that she would guess her age to be about 8 months to a year old. Nymeria weighed in today at 4 pounds, she is much much smaller then Min our 6 month old kitten. The vet said she was perfectly healthy but just very small for her age. I guess we have a little runt kitty on our hands, is there anything I should be worried about with her being so small for her age? I was always told that runt cats can have health issues, but Nymeria seems very healthy and (too) energetic, just really small.

Here are pics to compare the sizes of our kitties:

I am just making sure that there isn't anything we should be particularly looking out for. No matter what she is still always gonna be the baby of our three
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Two of my little girls are 8 months old and currently weigh 4 pounds each. They are sisters, and are just very petite kittens.
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Thank you that is very good to hear, I swear sometimes I get too worried about my cats lol.
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My cat Charlie looks very much like yours. She is a spotted tabby as well.

Interestingly, she was the runt and took a long time to gain weight. She's still smaller than the others, but probably the most agile and active of the group.

She does have asthma though. I have no idea if that's because she's the runt. I have two of her siblings who do not have asthma.
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I have a 6 year old female that is just shy of 7 pounds. She was orphaned young and the runt of the litter. Her sister, who was twice the size when they were babies grew up to be the same petite size as her sister. Neither have health issues.

You might just have a petite girl. I love them - they look like perpetual kittens.
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Chloe just started losing her baby teeth at 5 months, her adult teeth are still coming in and she's about 5 1/2 months now. I would guess that teeth are a better indicator of age than weight.
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My Angel, Spooky, never got above 6 pounds, and she live to be nearly 17 years old. Lola is about 4 1/2 years old and hovers around 7 pounds. Spooky was a feral kitten that I rescued. The vet thought that she might have been quite stunted by not enough food. When I found her, she was approximately 6 months old, but had the weight and development of an 8 week old kitten. I think she was right around 2 pounds....very tiny. Lola was a rescue too. She was rescued at about 6 months old, and was about 4 pounds. Sometimes they just stay petite. Bootsie, the cat we had when I was growing up, was the runt of the litter. My dad carried him around in his shirt pocket. He grew to be 28 pounds at his heaviest, and lived to be 22 1/2 years old, and except for a couple of bouts of crystals in his urine, he was as healthy as the proverbial horse (the size of one too!) Sometimes you just can't tell what you're going to end up with, lol!
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My Dharma was estimated to be about 4 years old when I adopted her - she's between 6 and 7 pounds. She's 5 going on 6 now, and vet says she's perfectly healthy, just a little girl. My Dante is twice the size at 13 pounds, but Dharma can chase him around. I've got to admit I love Dharma's petite size - she's just such a little lady. And, hey, we all worry about our babies, probably more than about ourselves.
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When I found Smokey as a Feral I told the Vet her age and he said he could tell by her Teeth. She died at age 11 but was never more then 4 Pounds. My Kitten I have now is over 5 Pounds and is 5 Months. She lost a tooth yesterday and her other fang will fall out anyday. She was the Runt of the litter and almost didnt live. She has FCKS but has mostly grown out of it. My Cat with Asthma is almost 16 and is amost 10 pounds. My meeko was 1 Pound at 3 Months and was verty sick. She is 7.5 Years now and is 8 Pounds. My Sasha is smaller and Weighs less. She was another Runt of the Litter and is 1.5 Years old now.
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That other tooth just fell out tonight
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I think the kitty looks about right! Its weird though, yours looks so much bigger than mine! And mine at 14 weeks old now 13 lbs 15 oz!! When I got him he was less than 1/2 lbs!! He was the runt of the litter too, I bottle fed him and now he's a monster I guess! I still think he looks tiny though!!
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If the cat in question has oriental/siamese in the background her size may be about right for her type. Not all cats should weigh 10 lbs. My smallest rex was a healthy 5-6 lbs and she ruled the house.
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Our little Mika was the runt of the litter and born with a voice defect. She is my tiny little princess. She's very healthy but doesn't look more than 6 months old. Bijou, her big brother, on the other hand is a very "strapping" fellow at over 16-17 lbs.
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