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Butt in face

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I forgot, what does it mean when a cat sticks their furry butt in your face. When I lay down in bed Popsie will come up by my pillow, present his hinney to me and rub his face all over my night stand.
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Niko does the same thing. It's like, "...and heeeeere's mah booty! Look at it!" I think (heavy on the "think", 'cause I may be mistaken) it might be a thing for kittens to "present" themselves to momma for a cleaning and/or general checking out. He may just think that's what he should do, since you're his momma. I believe I remember reading that somewhere before, but for the life of me, can't remember from where. Please, someone correct me if I'm totally off base.

Luckily, Niko doesn't have a case of stinky butt, so it doesn't bother me- I just think it's hilarious. In the past, though, when he was having tummy issues, he usually chose such times to cut a good one in my face. Still hilarious, yet.. less so.
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Cats greet each other by scent, they smell the face and booty. So this is a greeting in cat language, He is presenting himself. It basically means he loves you and is very comfortable, happily greeting you!
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Ollie does this too like he's showing off his boy parts... I tell him yeah yeah I see them but they're empty! haha... gotta watch out though, cuz he also presents when he farts haha - it's like he knows exactly what he's doing, cuz he presents, farts, and scampers off like "teehee take that mama!"
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Originally Posted by BuzbyJLC10 View Post
gotta watch out though, cuz he also presents when he farts haha - it's like he knows exactly what he's doing, cuz he presents, farts, and scampers off like "teehee take that mama!"

Yes i get their rears pushed in my face as well, bless their little cotton socks
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Thats soooo cute in a weird way! my kitty doesnt do that, not yet at least. he rubs the his face on mine but not his butt
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when I sit on the couch. Lucky jumps on the arm walks up around my head. rubs her face across mine then her butt, then she lays down and purrs. I always takes as I love you Mom, except when. she lets one go as she passes my face.
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Faith loves to come up onto my pillow at night; she rubs my face, then proceeds forward, then flops over, butt in my face, and furry tail tickling my neck! Then she flop over the other way, and smash her nose into my face, and usually falls asleep wrapped around my neck... I now know why the myth that "cats will smother a baby" exists, because she wants to lay so close to my face, I breathe in fur! Lol!
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The butt-in-face routine ALWAYS is when I am in bed....and ALWAYS after he has just made a poopie! If he thinks I am cleaning! Too funny!
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My oldest cat does this too. It's her way of claiming ownership. It's her way of saying I love you and you belong to me. My younger one keeps her distance when this is going on :-(
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Hmm, I did not know any of this. Raven is not really a butt in the face kitty, but oh Jack sure is! I always wondered why, but what you have said here really makes sense, I am totally his mama. He does it to Daddy too though.
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Salem sometimes rubs his butt in my face I get the tail against my nose...
then I poke his butt and he moves.
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Dexter often presents his butt to me...
sometimes it winks.
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I have always wondered that...Samantha does that to this one particular male friend...I thought that she has a human crush on him because she does not react to anyone else the way she does to him...What does that butt in the face mean when it is a female feline to a human male?

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I dunno--can they tell who's male and who's female, really? I mean, I know some cats like one and not the other; but that could just be because guys have louder, deeper voices. Other than that, why would a cat know the difference? We have to check their bits to tell whether they're male or female; maybe they can't tell about us any better than we can about them. Well, unless it's a calico, but that's cheating. :) She could just consider this particular guy a good friend. Maybe he slipped her a bit of tuna once!

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It is a greeting and a trust thing. ANd yes, th ey can tell male from female by smell (hormonal not unwashed feet LOL). Some cats prefer one human gender to another and will always go to /avoid the one they don't like.
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I read, on another site, the theory behind that supposedly is that when they are born that is how their mother inspects them. They consider this pleasing behaviour but my little Sparkle, sweet as she is, does it when I don't get up fast enough for her in the morning. She will meow, walk on me, lick my face, sometimes I pretend to still be asleep because it's so cute, but when I finally open my eyes, "buttintheface" and walks off...sits on other side of the room, impatiently waiting for me to do what, I don't know because when I get up she goes and lays down in the closet! Cats! Luv 'em all

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