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Anyone ever heard of this?

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I just got an idea in my head, I live in a hotel/apartment complex, hotel in front and apartment buildings in back where I am. I just started back to work this week after a little over a month of being laid off and I dont have funds coming in yet. We have alot of stray kitties here that people leave behind when they move. I am in Ohio so our weather is very unpredictable from one hour to the next. 18 one day 40 the next then back to 20 on the next. lol ANYHOW, I want to take care of the strays but cant afford to bring them inside cause Squishy has not been spayed because of the layoff. Well i was wondering.......... The kitties are cold........ they have no way of getting indoors......... I am able to maintain food for them and by changing the water dish 3 times a day i have managed to provide fresh water to them without it freezing (only freezes while i am sleeping)......... Well they DO make coats and sweaters for small dogs....... Yep my question is : Has anyone ever heard of giving a cat a coat or sweater made for small dogs or even like legwarmer stockings that slide up above their feet? I haven't ever heard of this but if they are cold enough would they wear it if i got enough money to get them for them... there are only 4 strays that i can tell and there are always clearance items at petco and petsmart. Will it work???????????
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I don't know how it is where you live but in North Carolina it is illegal to harbor strays.

It sounds like a good idea but think about it. They will start to depend on you. And there are probably some people in your apartment complex that doesn't like cats. So if you feed them then more will come and someone will end up calling animal control.
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I'll move this to Caring for Strays and Ferals. so the experts can see it an help you.
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i am not going to let them starve or even die.. I cant do that. That is just cruel and they will have to accept it or they can find a home for them. Until they do that i will continue to feed and water them and allow them to sit on my landing without harm. There are only two apartments per floor and i am on the top floor. There is noone in the other apartment on my floor and our landings are covered and it is safe. That is what i am concerned... If the landlord takes them away before i have enough funds to bring them inside so be it at least i tried to make them happy until they disappear. Plus I have lived here for almost two years and they havent done anything to take them away yet. Two of them are that old and teh other two are about a year now. so i dont think anyone really cares they are out there or something would have already been done. I just thought it to be a cool idea.
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I dont think its illegal by any means in ohio to "harbor strays" If thats what you would call it. I think more or less they are feeding and watering them! What would you have her do, take a shotgun and shoot them?? No One can touch them besides the children in the building, they have to be adjusted to humans before anything can really be done! hammeyandwaf would just like to get them tame enough to bring them in or find them homes, right now, if they were to trap them, they would take them to the shelter and they would be PTS.

The issue here isn't "harboring strays" anyway. The issue is weather or not she can put sweaters or coats on them to keep them warm. The children in the building are able to touch the cats, so they would be able to help her do this.

And my answer for the sweaters is you can give it a try, they might be able to get them off! You never know about kitties, they are pretty clever! I would make sure they aren't the kind that have strings because if they jumped off something they could get them stuck and strangle! I would give it a try if you want to, do it on a day you have off so that way you can watch their response to it! Then you'll be able to see if they are going to freak out or not!!

Let me know! Im only a PM away! Ill talk to you in a while!
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I think your intentions are wonderful, and I really admire that you want to help them! But most cats - even pets - have a problem wearing clothes (OK - Kenz's Bayley may be an exception! ) ...but sweaters are for indoor animals that go out for a walk, not strays that live outdoors. I think it could put them at risk. What if a sweater gets caught on something and they can't get out of it? What if it gets hooked on something, they get twisted up freaking to get out and end up strangling themselves? I think it's a very dangerous, though well-intentioned idea.

The fact of the matter is, they're there because they are survivors, and in an urban area, there are lots of places for them to keep warm. Cats can handle a lot of weather. We had a feral colony survive many winters - the first one had below zero actual temperatures for several weeks. VERY few of them used the cat-friendly enclosures we put out for them.

The best thing you can do to help them is find someone - if there is a group or person in your area, that can trap, spay, and neuter them. It can be frustrating depending upon where you are. But persistence often pays off. Here is a list of resources that may help you.

To e-mail Alley Cat Allies to ask for the Feral Friends Network in your area write to them at: In the e-mail, explain the situation.

To e-mail the Best Friends No More Homeless Pets Campaign to ask if there are any network members that may be able to help in your area, write to: and explain the situation.

To search for TNR groups to contact (I always recommend contacting w/in 90 - 100 miles - you never know who they may have networked with - or that person that used to work with them but moved... ) - you can also search for shelters and vets here. - this is to search for pets - but it lets you know what organizations or which people may be resources in the area

Again - I would call these places and explain your situation to ask if they can help or know of anyone or an organization that may be able to help.

The local yellow pages are always best to search for vets - whether calling around to them or driving around to them. I understand you can't afford even low-cost spay/neuter right now, but again, I'd explain the situation and ask if they're familiar with any people working with ferals, practicing Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR), or any groups that you can contact. We always offer to leave our number and ask them to pass it on to the person - or we offer to call back the next day (or whenever) to check, rather than ask them to provide the name and number of a client with someone they don't know. If they know of someone to contact, make sure you get the name of the person you're speaking to so you know who to ask for if you have to call back.

If you want to search for free spay/neuter groups to contact about your situation, if you can't find any groups or individuals to help, and you have time and the willingness to trap, you can also search here:

The same TNR group links as above,
and another list of links to help search are here:

But some of the best links for spay/neuter services are:

I would call any places in your area to explain the situation. You never know what may turn up, and while it can be discouraging, the most important thing is to keep e-mailing or dialing - just keep going. Persistence often pays off.

There are also lots of Rescue links where more shelters and things can be searched for (including info on orphaned kitten rescue) at

I hope these resources will help you turn up something or someone that can help you with the situation!

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LDG thanks for all your info i will definately look into everything you told me. As both you and Glitch are concerned about them getting caught on something that is something I didn't think about and agree that would be of great concern. I think i might try what Glitch said and maybe try it on the weekend when i have 3 days off to watch over them to see what happens... I know cats are survivors i never doubt that i just cant let them be all alone out there without trying something. Glitch they are becoming more friendly to me and hammy just from feeding them we both can pet two of them now. We did his taxes last night and there is a God (lol there always has been one just sometimes it seems he dont look over me enough) We will be getting back a good bit on his and i should have it deposited in 10 days it said plus i still have to file mine we both worked at the same place last year so i should get about the same but within two weeks we will be able to use his to get squishy spayed and then we are going to get the little black one to the vet and get him neutered and shots and bring him in. Hammy already has a name picked out for him... He is all black and he wants to call him Lucky. The black one is the smallest so we want to start with him If i can find an agency to help with the others or even a local that wants to take one on Im gonna try that first then Im going to decide what to do with the others if i can't find help...
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I'm really discouraging pursuing the sweater idea. I'd be so worried about the sweaters. I can't help fear that someone may end up strangling to death - or worse - not strangling, and dying a slow death from starvation.

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It's concerning me about the sweaters as well because i know what Jack was like when i tried to get him to wear a collar and he's indoors He was frantic and started thrashing himself all over the place, but thank God i was in the house at the time when he got it caught in his mouth because it was a snap open one that didn't open

I would honestly pass on the sweaters because you'd never forgive yourself if they panicked, ran off and got tangled up somewhere in it, and possibly worse
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I have to agree with LDG about the sweater idea. It would be SO easy for one of them to get caught and to get hurt or die. The cat would also be at a huge disadvantage if it came in contact with a predator.
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It may not be illegal to 'harbour' strays but across the US, you can become legally liable for the animal after caring for them for 72 hours and could end up getting into trouble if by-law catches you feeding them and they become a nuisance. Once they start getting fed they mark it as a safe area and more and more cats will show up, and if they feel safe, you will end up with them breeding there too once spring comes.

Have you looked into alternative shelters that could take them? There are many that have a mandate to take strays and not surrenders and you could hurt the chances of them being taken by a no-kill if you keep them too long.

I am also wary of the sweater idea, I would worry about them getting caught on something, especially a fence etc when running away and either getting strangled by it or not being able to get away from a predator. Animals also tend to take some time to get used to them and that would not be the best time when they are outside.

Glitch - I don't think anyone is recommending she takes a shotgun and shoots them, far from it, people are recommends she does what is in their best interests, which in winter would be having a safe warm HOME where they are kept inside.
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I am NOT getting the sweaters bad idea should have never said a word. I will have funds coming in within two weeks I AM doing whatever i can to take care of these guys whatever the cost. I am taking in one of them for sure in about 3 weeks and possible two. The the neighbor below will care for one of them so that only leaves one. I have plenty of resources now to find a home for the last one. So rest assured i am not going to kill one of them by putting a sweater on.
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It was a creative idea, but that's the point of the forums, to share and exchange ideas. I'm glad you did share the idea - it gave you the opportunity to consider potential outcomes that you weren't familiar with, and, hopefully, ideas and resources you didn't have previously.

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I'm so relieved to hear your not doing the sweater thing The thought was there, but what your doing to help them now is an even better idea

Keep up the good work
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