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Thanks to my dd, I have pictures of Blaze and Enya. Enya first...
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Sorry about the blurred pictures and Enya's rump shot in the other post. I just wanted to show her markings.
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they are both beautiful kitties - i love that swirl on Blaze's side - its like someone painted a swirl on her!

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Kiara is a Keeshond. She and Enya blend well and our boy, Blaze, stands out like a sore thumb! Enya is our distemper survivor. She'll be a year old at the end of March and Blaze is around 8 months and Kiara turns 4 this year. So never a dull moment around here.
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Blaze has a circle on both sides. I told my daughter she should call him Target.
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HEY!! Give me back my cat!!! LOL
That stripey cat, Enya, is exactly the spitting image of my Spidey!

Blaze is a perfect name. I love orangey cats, but always end up with grey stripies.

And Kiara is beautiful! I love Keeshonds; they are soo soft and cuddly looking, and majestic in a way.
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What a beautiful fur-family!!

I'm going to move this to The Cat Lounge so everyone can see your gorgeous fur-kids.
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I love Blaze's stripes and circles....do you think he's got a twist of bengal in him? LOL!

Looking forward to a picture of your orange boy, Enya and Kiara. I agree with you—I think little Blaze would stick out like a sore thumb..how cute! Do all of your pets get along?

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I'd say there's a better chance Enya has some bengal in her. We've seen pictures of them that look a lot like her. She has a spotted tummy to go with all her stripes.
Yes, they all get along well. Kiara is just a little too exuberant a lot of the time. I constantly have to tell her to settle down. She uses her paws a lot when playing with them, not realizing that they are under 10 pounds each. I think Blaze would snuggle up to her if she'd sit still for him. Like all Keesies, she's pretty good on the whole. She can't help it that the breeder did too much line breeding.
The cats like to wrap around her legs and chew on them. Kiara will just stand there and watch until a tooth finds its way through the hair.
Kiara is trained to sit and wait for the 'ok' when we put a treat in her dish. It's so well ingrained that she will sit there and wait even when Enya will sneak over and start eating it, but, of course, there's a little anxious whining going on. Sometimes I'll put a treat in and forget about it and go around the house doing things only to find her still waiting when I come back in the room. She'll give some quiet whining to remind me.
My daughter wanted to get a kitten when Kiara was a pup, but I'm glad we waited. Kiara was an alpha dog and quite a handful as a pup. It took me quite a while to convince her that I was the alpha!
We wanted a female becuase they have less hair, but there were only 2 in the litter. The breeder was stronly encouraging us to take Kiara over the other, only becuase Kiara had a flaw (white chin, which I like!). After we picked Kiara the breeder put them in a pen so they wouldn't follow us to the car. As we walked off Kiara started barking at us and the other just sat quietly. I so much wanted to change and take the other, but I let it be since my daughter picked her. I've often times wonder if the other is calmer. She was bought by someone who shows them, but returned later becuase her legs weren't straight, or some such nonsence. I hope she has a good family home now.
This is our 3rd kees. They are such great family dogs.
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