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a feral story

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Well, I have done a first. I have sheltered and tried to help many cats in my day but it has usually been from my home.

Recently at work, it had come to my attention that most of the employees have been leaving food out for a feral male cat ..... He is absolutely untouchable or so I was told.. I know when I replace his food supply, he runs away.......but he returns when you leave his area..

He had no shelter and I felt so sorry for him. I spent 70.00 on him the other day and got him a crate and a auto feeder. I stuffed it with hay, covered it in a tarp and put it in a heating vent at work with his feeder beside it. He sleeps and naps in it all the time. The management does not seem to mind at all.... They have named him Garfield because of his yellow color. It has been 14 degrees and he is snug and warm now. The man in charge of the heat system leaves it on at night so Garfield's vent will be warm for him and his little house snug...

He is situated in a spot where moisture/rain/snow can't get in his hay or his food and he is safe. He is eating porkchops for lunch some days, eggs and biscuits for breakfast and in his spare time, he eats maximum kitten chow for extra protein since it's winter.... He has turned into quite a fat feral.......

There are several people trying to tame him because they want to give him a home. While they try, he is safe... One person said, they touched him on the head so there is hope for Garfield... In the meantime, he will remain a company cat....

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Great job! Do you think you'll be able to get him trapped so he can be neutered?
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Not sure on the trapping end of things....... I live 32 miles away from my job so I could not oversee that.... I am not in a situation where I can check on him constantly like people who live close by. It has been discussed however by other people there.

If he gets trapped he will go that day to a home.. He would not be a TNR cat.. He is wanted by several people.. There is one man in particular that really is interested in Garfield. He loves cats and right now he has none. He is an older man who is working with Garfield everyday and I think some evenings as well.
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That is so awesome! I just love hearing stories like these!!

Way to go Garfield - I think you just won the lottery!!
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Aw, Jenn - what a wonderful story and a wonderful thing to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You gotta keep us posted on what happens to Garfield! Sounds like he'll be heading home with someone pretty soon. Maybe tack up a little sign on his shelter that says "If you want help with tips on socializing Garfield and making him happy and safe in your home when you bring him home, log on to the forums at http://www.thecatsite.com."

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Garfield is now named Oscar........ He is still there and still using his auto feeder and bed. There is a patch of woods by the plant that he hunts in, climbs trees and chases birds.

He lets no one near him but when we come to work, he stands waiting for breakfast. Several people bring him sausage and buiscits every morning. He is fat and sassy and doing good.

There is one girl he favors and she is trying to get near enough to him to front line him. We have already wormed him in his food.

He is our token mascot at work..... No one wants a feral cat so he continues to live there. If we could tame him, several people want him. But as we all know, that takes time. Right now, he is doing good.
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So sweet. I love it that you made him a little shelter. He will come around but if he doesn't he is happy and cared for. Very nice.
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Aww, sounds like he is one spoiled kitty cat! LOL, I know I would be happy if someone was bringing me sausage biscuts every morning!
I would try to get him trapped and get him altered if possible. Perhaps someone who lives closer could help out? One randy tom cat can make an awful lot of kittens. He will recover very quickly from the surgery and Im sure stick around the company, thats where his little home is and all the nice people bringing him tasty snacks!
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