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Keeping stressed cat confined for 12 hours. Help!

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Ok, so Kitty is going in for his first dental at 8:30 tuesday morning so he will have to be kept indoors from 7pm monday night.

The problem I have is he absolutley hates to be confined and I`m dreading it more than the procedure especially as he is very food orientated so can`t bribe him.

I had to shut him in the lounge for 2 hours last week while the carpets were cleaned and he moved out to the neighbours house for 2 days even though I keep telling the man to stop letting him inside

What can I do to keep him calm? We`ve worked so hard to get him back home after he flipped out about Maisie being here and he is pretty much back to how he was before she came. It`s taken 9 long months and he will go in to see if she`s left him any food but I still can`t let her out with him.

I`ve tried him with Feliway before and Rescue Remedy but could see no improvement. Last time I had to keep him in when he hurt his leg he was trying to smash his way through the cat flap so I will have to put a bedside cabinet up against it this time. He yowled and kept jumping on me until I let him out then he disappeared to the neighbour for weeks and I don`t want that again

I know it`s stupid but I really do think he would attack me or hurt himself if he gets too mad.

What can I do?!
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Yikes! My Bob is like that. Kitty seems to be suffering from the same stubborn gene as many of my gingers.

Will he attack you? Doubtful. My Bob has been known to walk up to me and pee on me when I've tried to contain him (Feliway hasn't worked with him either). Kitty will tell you that he isn't happy, and if he is as stubborn as mine, it might come down to a battle of wills.

If you've gone down the Feliway and Rescue Remedy path, I don't have much more advice for you. With a feral cat, sometimes classical music, particularly harp music can calm them. That can work with socialized cats under stress. Keep toys handy. Try to distract him from going after the cat flap. Keep things calm in the house. Unfortunately you also can't tempt him with food and treats if he's having surgery in the next day. Cut off point for food before surgery is typically 8 hours prior - use that tactic as long as you can.

Good luck and let me know how it goes!
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Yes, I`m sure being ginger has something to do with his attitude. I was speaking to someone the other day and their friend has a ginger cat and behaved the same way after they had a baby and has never been the same since! Kind of like the tortitude gene

I think I may end up shutting myself away as last time he was screetching in my face all through the night and wouldn`t leave me alone. Have to admit I did pull the duvet over my head for protection He just wouldn`t settle.

Will try the music but I think it`s going to be a case of trying to make it up to him after. I have the week off work so can spend more time with him next week and hope he doesn`t take too long to forgive me.

If only he was a bit more like Maisie. She stays indoors no problem, never complains and is happy to just curl up and sleep the whole time.
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Well, the cat flap is blocked up and the food bowls are up and Kitty is fast asleep in his chair.......for now!

I have an emergency plan. The window in Maisies room opens out into the back passage way which is secure so if he creates too much I will just move Maisie into the bathroom for the night and leave the window open so he`s got more room. Fingers crossed he won`t be too annoyed with me
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