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Wants Food All The Time

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I have a neutered male indoor cat who is constantly going for the food dish. The vet did caution me 9 months ago that he was over ideal weight, even for the large sized cat that he is. She suggested trying weight management formulas but he's very sensitive to food changes, usually wind up with throwing up (most common), diarrhea. or very dry, very small stools. The sensitivity to food changes has been since very little--he didn't even handle a change from canned KMR to dry KMR and even my husband who had no sympathy for the amount it was costing told me to go back and get the canned stuff. The most recent occured when I brought home a new bag of the same food he's eating. I had him to the vet's for vomiting and diarrhea a few days later. The company didn't claim or disclaim any change in formula--just told me to return the bag.

Oh, I should mention that any time I've tried a new food I've added it gradually so it wasn't a sudden change. I've tried feeding twice a day as well as breaking it up to 4 smaller meals. Total amount equals about 1 cup a day and he'd eat more if I gave it to him. Checking him on my bathroom scale he's about 20 pounds.

He's currently eating Nutro Natural Indoor Choice Complete Care. Doesn't like canned. Advice to keep this tummy from continuing to expand or to reverse the trend? Should I just cut back on what he's eating now since I know his system can handle it? Any ideas for foods that are easier on a sensitive tummy?


Thanks for any ideas.
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Sounds very similar to Kitty but he is 14lb.

I found he is more sensitive to wet food so he only gets a little and the rest dry. Just found a new Royal Cannin dry called Pure Feline Slimness which has stopped him eating so much ( it has an appetite supressant ).

The only thing is he is now pulling out fur on his back which I`ve read could be due to food allergy We are seeing the vet tues but if it`s the food he will have to go back to his old one.( James Wellbeloved Senior/light )

Maybe you could try hiding his dry food around your home in things like egg boxes and toilet rolls so he has to hunt around for it and not just go to his bowl all the time?
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