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Bromelain/Quercetin for Skin Allergies

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My cat is allergic to everything he eats. Everything. And I've tried everything - canned, raw, every flavor out there. I haven't heard such great things about antihistamines for cats' allergies and I refuse to put him on any kind of steroids.

I understand that a combination of bromelain and quercetin can be helpful. Has anyone had any success with these for an itchty cat? If so, what proportions? I found a combo supplement at my health food store the other day and I'm sure I can pare it down to cat size, but I don't know what that is.
Anyone have any advice? Thanks
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Have you seen a holistic vet or one who is willing to learn >???

I do use those with my dog ...

Yes there are some antihistimines for cats ....

How long did you try eat food ...
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These food trials have been going on for years, literally. I gave each food a good, long, fair chance. He wasn't always this bad, but he's gotten worse of the years. I've become a lot more picky in what I want to feed him. I've long since abandoned foods with carbs in them. I'd like to keep him on raw, but, even so, most of the commercial raws have eggs in them, which, of course, he's allergic to, also. Antihistamines seem like a waste of time, because no I know has had any luck with them.

My vet is already holistically open minded, if not familiar with the Bromelain-Quercetin combo. I actually got the idea for these from Dr. Allen Schoen, the expert holistic vet. He talks about using them on his site, but he makes no mention of how much to give a cat and in what proportions. This is extremely frustrating!!

Have they worked for you dog? How much do you give him/her? (I realize dogs and cats don't need exactly the same amounts, but I can adjust them, I'm sure.)
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Many commercial raws have no eggs.. try this site they have anumber of raws with NO egg/// egg is a allergen...

I use a human pill and the dose is from my vet ...

here is a good book

four paws five directions by cheryl schwartz dvm
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Thanks for the info.
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