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Scratching post thread

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I bought a scratching post for my cat,Roke. The problem is: when she tries to use it,it just falls over. I feel bad that she's not enjoying it as I thought she would. What would have been the best model to buy for a cat?
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How much are you willing to spend? You can actually get some great scratching posts and cat trees on ebay. What kind of scratching post did you get?
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Here are a few I found on ebay.

They are cheap but the shipping is what gets you. Or, you could make your own using this:

You need to have a solid heavy base so it won't fall over, and wrap the sisal around another board (4x4 or 6x6) is the best. You can check with a lumber yard and see if they have any scraps of that they will sell for cheap. I would suggest having it taller than your kitty when he stretches.

Good luck!
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There are so many kinds. They use cat trees to scratch on,

...or something with a strong sturdy base like this:

There are vertical mats, like this:

or cardboard scratchers, like this:

If you have problems with kitty scratching on the sofa, there are products like this:

The come in interesting shapes and colors like this:

There are so many options out there. You just have to look for something that works for you - and next time make sure that if it is vertical that it has a large, sturdy base.

Happy hunting!

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I bought a basic model from PetCo,it's small and it has 2 strings with feathers attached. I look back and think I should have bought one of the tree models. Should I buy one of the cat trees,or or I have have a home-made scratching post be made?
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My cat loves those cardboard ones. I just lay it on the floor and she loves it! She never scratches the furniture, and everytime I buy her a new one, she no longer uses the old one. She will sit on it, lay on it, and puts her paws around it.
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It is really easy to make a good scratching post. I spent an unfortunately large amount of money on sisal rope to wrap around a post; I've since discovered that both of my cats prefer to scratch wood (goodbye, unvarnished, untreated table leg)! Just get a large board for the floor (cover the bottom with a carpet scrap to prevent scrapping if you've got wood floors), and screw in a fairly tall 2 x 4. I put in two 2 x 4s to make the post somewhat round, to be able to wrap it with sisal, but I don't think it's necessary. Just make sure you get safe wood (not treated with anything!), and it should be cheap and easy. You must simply make sure that whatever you get is sturdy; as you found out, things that fall over scare cats.

Cardboard scratchers are also really useful; there are a bunch of good links above.
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If you're willing to vacuum a lot, you can also find an attractive not-too-thick log! Make sure it doesn't have bugs before you bring it inside, but as Enuja pointed out, cats love scratching on it. Some people on line charge lots of money for "natural" scratchers!

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My cat's favorite scratch toy is their know, those round plastic ones with the cardboard inserts? Mine go NUTS when I refreshen the cat nip too...hahahaha!
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I made Oliver's scratching post simply because the store bought ones that were decently priced were way too small and he couldn't stretch up on them...

Here's the one I built over the summer:

I kinda decided to do it after seeing one in Foster and Smith that I really like, but kinda started thinking I could build one from scraps in the garage for cheaper (aka free) than buying that one... the only thing I want to eventually add to mine is a top cuz it's just unfinished right now

Oliver also has 2 homemade horizontal scratchers (ie, they just lay flat on the floor) I just cut up a box so I had like 3 or 4 rectangular shaped pieces of cardboard (same sizes), I stacked them on top of each other and duct taped them together, then I took a couple pair of old jeans that had ripped or no longer fit and cut them open to wrap the cardboard and just hot glued it all nice on the cardboard... he loves them
He's laying on one of them here:
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OMG! What is Oliver wearing? I love Oliver.

Nice Red Sox bear also.
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Haha thanks... Oliver has a couple items of clothing - a ducky bath robe for after his monthly baths (just had one tonite), a hoodie and a little coat... he only wears them when necessary and not just cuz it's cute lol - so that's him in his hoodie when we first got it... and we loooooove the red sox! That's actually an orange tabby build a bear in a sox uniform his name is Ollie Sox haha
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Riley has this one from ebay

he loves it and its very sturdy. He likes to jump up and try to balance on the top of it and it has never fallen over. It scoots around a bit because we have wood floors, but even his huge cat tree does that.

The one listed above is plenty tall enough for him to stretch up and scratch also.
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I am a big fan of SmartCat products - I have the ultimate scratching post which is very sturdy, as well as the Bootsie's 3 in 1 combo scratcher for horizontal scratching. You won't have any problems with tipping.
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We have a couple sisal ones from Wal-Mart that Stimpy just loves. They aren't tall enough, but he starts at the middle of all of his vertical scratching posts. DH built a giant cat tree, and 2 of the posts are sisal, the other 2 we wrapped in carpet.

We also have the Turbo Scratcher, which is always popular. The refills are nice and cheap at Wal-Mart.

Our cat who passed on in December really liked carpet. He thought those 2-story carpeted condos were really great. He scratched on those condos every day after we got them.
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Thanks for your advice,I'll look for cat trees at Walmart. I'm a long-time Walmart shopper.
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Oliver is sooo cute!!!
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Originally Posted by faith's_mom View Post
Oliver is sooo cute!!!
Haha, thanks... not bad for a street kitty, right? He's always got the ladies swooning over him hehe
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I bought the Catcraft brand cat tree from Walmart,I hope that Roke will have fun with this. She likes to climb.
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