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Who does this?

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So at work today I am working the information desk. I work at the county shelter. A guy comes in, who is looking for his lost dog. But the dog went missing two weeks ago. This was his first trip there. Idiot.

So then I see him in go into the dog adoption area, further down in dog adoption there is a barrier that you can move to get to dogs that are in protective custody or are waiting for a rescue group to come in. It is CLEARLY MARKED "STAFF ONLY".

I see this guy behind in that area. I go in there and tell him to stay out. I go back to my desk. About five minutes pass and I think "You should probably check on him again."

So I did and I see him in the middle of the isle and he has something in his jacket. It's big. He then bows down to face a kennel and makes it look like he is playing with another dog. Oh no you didn't.

So I go up to him, as he is crouched on the ground. I asked "What do you have there?" and opened his jacket. There I see a puppy. I grab the dog from him and screamed "YOU NEED TO LEAVE RIGHT NOW!" he then started to say something and I just yelled "GET OUT!"

He left immediately. Gosh he really made me mad. I hate people who steal, but a puppy? That's a new low.

I just have no idea why he wants another dog since he really didn't seem to care about the last one he had.
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How low is that?! If they can't pay for a new dog, then how can one expect them to buy it's necessities like food and vet services?!
I'm glad you spotted him before he left! Poor puppy, having to be in a situation like that. Do you think that guy could've been arrested for 'pet-napping'?
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He might not have really lost his own dog -- he may have just been saying that to gain access so he could steal a dog/puppy.

Yeah, people will steal anything.
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Originally Posted by Isabel View Post
Yeah, people will steal anything.
Have you heard about the guy who stole over 50 pairs of women's underwear from laundry mats in neighboring countries? Weird....
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Thats terrible! However, I never seem to have the money to buy a pet when I want one, but my pets always get the vet care they needed! Maybe he needed a companion! But he could have asked to work it off... I probably would have called the cops!
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There was a similar case in California.
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Originally Posted by katachtig View Post
There was a similar case in California.

I swear, I would never let that happen at the humane society I'm about to start working at. I hope they catch those people soon! I wouldn't care one bit of they had gotten it as a Christmas present for their kid or not, that poor family that had already adopted that puppy must be so heartbroken! That's just not right.
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As I've said elsewhere, stealing is stealing. Animals are not a grey area. I would have reported the guy.

Did you make sure to leave a good description of him in case he comes back or goes into another shelter? Might be good to spread the word a little.
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Yeah, I agree with strange wings, I would leave a good description of him with everyone that works there, and next time call the cops! There is no excuse for that!! The last time I went into the humane society, I was just browsing because I didn't have the money at the time, and the lady comes running up to me and asks if I can take the big dogs in, Im like okay, not thinking anything of! So I do it, and let me tell you some of those dogs were bringing me in! Then I go back to the cat room and find my true love, Im looking at him and giving him scritches and she comes over and asks if thats the one I want, I said yes Ill be taking him in a couple days and she told me just to take him and not to worry about it! It was so nice! (the cat later died of coccidia, but it was still nice of her)
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Is this the latest fad or what? I have heard more here lately about people steeling other peoples animals!!!! WHAT?????????
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You know there was no point in calling the cops. It takes them an hour to show up! I swear when I had to open the shelter one morning, I set the alarm off and I didn't know how to turn it off. The police never showed up and I just sat there waiting for someone with a code to turn it off.

However I did tell everyone what the guy looked like and talked to the head Animal Control Officer.
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Originally Posted by Breal76 View Post

Oh no you didn't.

I also work for the county shelter and people come here all the time looking for their lost pet that went missing weeks ago! It's like duh! Why did you wait so long. But, no one has ever stolen a dog from us! You're right, that is a new low.
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It's a humane shelter. These persons are far from humane. I wonder if any of the pets get a good home out of this anyway. Somehow, I doubt it.
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When I worked for the local shelter, we arrived at work one day and found that a mother dog and her entire litter were missing. A few days later, a group of Beagles were missing. And a few days after that, several more puppies went missing. Each time we reported it, and each time they did nothing about it. The thing is, the animals were all inside so only someone with a key could have done it. Turns out, one of the county commissioners was taking the dogs and selling them to a research lab. And no one would do ANYTHING about it, not the county, not the police, no one. It wasn't long after we found out about it that the same county commissioner forced us to resign our jobs at the shelter... she wasn't allowed to fire us, but could force us to send in a letter of resignation. There was more behind that but it was a long story. But some people in this world are truly sick human beings.
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^ That's when you play the story up to get to pet owners feelings and go to the local newspaper or news station. You may not have been able to stop them completely but it gets more people looking at the commissioners critically.
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Originally Posted by strange_wings View Post
^ That's when you play the story up to get to pet owners feelings and go to the local newspaper or news station. You may not have been able to stop them completely but it gets more people looking at the commissioners critically.
Ah, the power of the media.
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WOw..thats stupid! scary too
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I bet he didn't lose his first dog..probably just said that to get in and look at the puppies to steal

People are messed up
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