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My Built Cat Tree

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Here it is,


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wow! my cat's would be in heaven, if they saw that
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I think they always enjoy the home made gifts the best! Sorry to those who lack the craftsman in them........Looks like it is loved!!!!
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Wow, nice job!
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IT was pretty easy to build, not as 'cheap' as buying one, but thats b/c it was the first, I might build a bridge and what not for them to another cat tree lol...
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That's awesome - nice work!! I bet your cats will absolutely love playing on it.

What did you use to make the top rounded perch?
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Way to go! Looks like someone has claimed the top perch.

I built one for mine as well. Even though I have 3 cats, my girl Zan thinks it is HERS and HERS alone.
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Very cool! We have a home-built tree too.
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the groomer i used to work for built her own to the one difference i saw in yours is that you did not carpet the poles going to the top i think if they were carpeted it would make it a little easier for kitty to getup there?
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That looks awesome! Great job!!
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I didn't carpet the posts going up, because one of the ledges I made it 'semi-half' so they can jump up from the slanted piece to that second piece, and then the tube at the top I have an opening at one end so they can easily jump up, as well as the tube is carpeted so they climb via that as well..

The tube at the top is from a hardware store, its just a cardboard cement tube base, that you can buy at any hardware store.
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I really want to make one for Oliver, but there's simply no place for a cat tree in the house right now haha... I did make him a 3' tall scratching post though and he loves that!

Great job! I can't wait til I get the chance to make a tree! I've got all these ideas based on the ways/places Ollie likes to sleep lol
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Great job

Originally Posted by BuzbyJLC10 View Post
I did make him a 3' tall scratching post though and he loves that!
My stepdad made a 4.5ft tall sissal covered pole for my cats and they adore it they chase each other up and bite the feet of whoever's perched on the top
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