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Adopted SKITTISH cat

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Hey there. Does anyone have any advice for my good friend? She adopted a pretty little orange kitty about 8 or 9 months ago, and the poor little thing still doesn't come out of her hiding spot much and doesn't want to be touched. Is there a step-by-step plan my friend can follow to try to slowly gain her trust and have a relationship w the kitty? She hasn't even been able to bring her to the vet's office yet! Any ideas?
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A few suggestions

-Get some Feliway to calm the little one.
- Do scheduled feedings, cleaning the litter box, etc.
- Have her sit on the floor away from the kitten and talk softly to him or read to him. If he comes out, let him come to her. Take things very slowly.
- Play classical music for him.
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Talking is a great form of encouragement and comfort. Depending on the living situation, it's best to give them their own room where it is quite, food and water one side, litter another. this way she can explore at her own pace, has a quite safe zone and doesn't feel a constant challenge. During feeding which should be twice a day schedule, she should sit close but not reach for her, let the kitten come to her which will happen. Find interactive toys she enjoys, and talk to her all the time.
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I'm not expert, but what about a hand on a stick? We use this at the shelter for feral kittens. Also, did the place she got the kitten inform her that the poor little baby was not used to people?

I agree giving her a room of her own, if that is not possible, what about a large carrier or cage that can be left open so she has a safe spot, but can come & go as she pleases?

I also read somewhere (and it makes sense) sit side ways and do not make eye contact. Try to get as clos to kitties level or below. Do not stand over the top of the cat. Talk softly & move slowly. If you do look at her, give her the slow blink like cats do with each other. The feral cat at the shelter I spend time with reacts better to this approach, she only approaches my hand when I'm sitting sideways and I'm at her level.. She will even take food off my finger now.
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This is just a suggestion: Try crouching down to her level. Have your friend try holding her hand out to the kitten so she can smell her hand. Always talk to her in a soft tone of voice or a fun silly voice. Get her to come out by trying to play with her so she can interact with your friend & slowly gain her trust.

There will be something that works for your friend & her cat, it will just take time
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Our cat Morgan is very skittish herself. We used to give her milk every day(since she got home from the adoption center) and that is the only time she would come out of the bedrooms. She also had thin/balding spots on her fur. We took her to the vet and the vet said her anal glands where full because she was allergic to something.(like a poodle's...)
We cut the milk and, while she is still skittish, she now lays between my legs when I have the fleece blanket on me, and she'll roll around and purr her heart out when she's laying down.(You can't hold her with your arms, she gets uncomfortable and runs off.)

When you can get her to the vet, check for allergies. also try cutting certain foods out too,one at a time...though, it can take up to 3 weeks to notice a significant improvement.
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