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Is my cat on the best dry food she can be on?

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I have my cat on Nutro and Wellness wet because she's had urine crystals in the past and those are the only ones with no fish and that have a good mag there we are good. I feed her a can a day. I also tried to give her Natural Balance to stick in the mix, but she HATED it. I've looked at other brands, but most have fish, which I heard was bad for cats with a history of urinary problems.

She's like 11lbs so I leave her an ice cream scoop (I looks like 2 Tblspoons) of dry when I leave for work and at night to nibble on of Natural Choice Indoor Weight Management. Is this the best food she can be on? I'd like to switch her to something better, but with her crystal past I'm not sure. Her poops are very nice and firm and not smelly or anything. She has a good digestive system it seems like because even when she gets into the kittens Iams she is still good.

Any advice?

Paging sharky!
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First Sharky can be Paged...lmao.. thru her pm box.. Ohh and if you havent heard back in 24 -48 hrs please send me another note...

WHY is she on WGmt >??? the soy in the indoor makes me choice the reg natural choice ....

How old is she??
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well, she's a bit pudgy so I put her on the indoor weight management. Sorry, I totally forgot about PM's.

So you think the regular is better, or should I put her on a different brand? Price isn't an issue and she's not a picky eater. She probably eats like 90% wet and just 10% dry.

It's this one btw.

Although I seem to alternate between indoor weight management and regular weight management because the bags are similar and sometimes I grab the wrong one.
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That food contains corn gluten meal and soy protein isolates, both of which are known allergens in cats. Also I prefer for the first two ingredients to be the same animal protein, ie chicken, and then chicken meal. Cuts down on digestive issues from multiple antigens, and shows higher quality because they are using animal protein (higher quality) rather than something like corn (lower quality protein and an allergen)

There are many better foods out there, if that is your goal is to find the *best* What helps me when looking for quality foods is stick to facts, not fluff. A company can tell you their food is fantastic and the "cat's meow" all day long, and it can be a stretch of the truth, but ingredient lists and guaranteed analysis cannot lie.
look for foods where animal protein is your first two ingredients, no corn, wheat, soy, or added sugar, no preservatives, and human grade ingredients are always a plus.
hope this helps!
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I have used the regular many times with good redults soy is a major cat allergen ... so far I have come accross only three truely corn allergic ... but you might want to try something like cal natural if you want to avoid it ... but it has flax which is another allergen

HUMAN GRADE does not EXIST per AFFCO... hense why it is not allowed on the FRONT of a bag ..

WHY not do all wet and no dry much easier to do grain free in wet
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I would love to do no dry at all, but she has to have a little nibble in the middle of the night or she'll wake me up. Also, I leave a tiny bit during the day so she doesn't get into the kitten food.
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I understand

the food your feeding is fine ... ??? is the cat doing well??
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Well, she's doing fine, but she is a bit on the chubby side. I just thought maybe I should feed her Innova, Wellness or something more premium than the Natural Balance line, but wasn't sure how that would be with her previous crystal problems (the last incident was June 2007).

I guess I can stick to what I have or switch her to the regular vs. weight management.
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regular is higher in fat and protein in most cases thus closer to what a kitty in the wild would eat ... not that dry is at all close...

Wellness is another food I have good luck with the CORE series with my dog
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Did I get a verdict on this? I have been slowly moving her to having less dry, but I still give her a nibble at night so she doesn't come knock my door down in the middle of the night!

Should I try to get her on Wellness or Natural Balance or another grain free (is avoderm good?) and hope she doesn't get a UTI? She hasn't had one since June, but she still likes to piss on my couch sometimes. (I think it's kitten stress)
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At this pt NO grain free is UTI friendly...
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