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Is my kitty Pregnant?

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My cat's tummy appears to be more round than usual. I have never noticed her heat cycles, or noticed strange or different behavior indicating being in heat. She hasn't been going outside very often this winter, just briefly for short periods of time. I looked at her nipples and they don't appear to be very pink, and definitely are not swollen. Could she be pregnant? She is one year old and a typically slender cat. If she is pregnant I want to know so I can get her on kitten food right away. At what point do their figures begin to give hints of pregnancy. I have never had kittens before so I have a lot of questions!

Thanks for any input!
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From what you said it sounds like she could be. But until you find out for sure, please keep her strictly inside. Not a good idea to let a non-spayed cat outside. She will most likely become pregnant fairly quickly. If she isn't pregnant, please get her in to be spayed asap. If she is pregnant though, you can still spay her. Who knows what condition or health the male was that she mated with, it could risk her health and the health of her babies.
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A rounder belly can also be a sign of worms. You really should get her checked by a vet to find out for sure.

Cats can have silent heats, so it's possible you may not have noticed. Please do get your kitty spayed asap and keep her indoors at least until then.
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I just had her in to get wormed and vaccinated about two months ago. I understand she needs to be spayed, it was on the agenda for this spring.
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If she was dewormed a few months ago she might be pregnant.

This thread should give you lots of information and what you need to do to prepare for the kittens arrival.
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Can I ask you why she was not spayed yet? Its possible she is pregnant if she's been outside. Many cats can have "silent" heats with no signs but the toms sure know!

Usually after 3 weeks from mating, you can tell they are pregnant. I would take her to your vet to verify and you can spay her even if she's just pregnant a week or two.

If it was a matter of money in not spaying her, you have to think of how much MORE money it will cost to let her have the kittens, keep them for 10-12 weeks and spay/neuter those kittens before they leave your house. And if she has complications and needs a c-section that's more money. Or if she isn't a good monther and you have to bottle feed the litter 24/7, that's another expense you are looking at.
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Why does everyone feel the need to scold me??? I came here to see if anyone had any idea if my cat might be pregnant, not to be spoken down to and scolded like a three year old. I understand that people need to spay and neuter their pets, that's why after 28 years of having cats I have never had ONE litter of kittens. I intend to do the right thing by my cat and her potential kittens, so please stop being so condescending and rude. If you really want to help people with their pets there is a much more pleasant way to get your point across... Have you ever heard the term, "You catch more bee's with honey"?
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Usually one of the first signs of pregnancy is that the nipples become pinker and larger. I frequently foster pregnant cats and usually that shows up before the belly gets larger. Is there a way you could post a picture of her belly for us to see?
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Hi! Welcome to TCS! Sorry your first experience wasn't pleasent! Everyone on here is just trying to be helpful! Now with the possibly pregnant kitty, is there anyway you can post pictures up?? Any abnormal behavior? Has she been sick?? Any high fevers?? I know that the belly gets rounder later on, like 4 weeks or so, do you know when the last time she went out was??

Im pretty sure the nipples get pink and larger later on in pregnancy, but I dont think they start out that way!!

You can PM me if you want to talk! Just click on my name and click send private message! No scolding here!
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Just a reminder to all of the Pregnant Cats & Kitten Forum Guidelines:

In the interest of reality and to promote our primary mission of cat welfare, the focus of this forum is to assist those who may find themselves having to care for a pregnant cat NO MATTER THE CIRCUMSTANCE UNDER WHICH THE CAT CAME TO BE PREGNANT or to hand-raise kittens.

Keeping this focus in mind, the rule is that NO ONE should be judgmental of anyone posting a request for assistance - please do not automatically cite all the good reasons why a cat should be spayed or neutered. This only serves to alienate those who might otherwise be helped here and perhaps forever turn them off from seeking our help - how can we reach people who won't come to our Forums for fear of being jumped on? Again, the FOCUS of this Forum is to assist those who, for WHATEVER reason, may find themselves the primary caregiver to a pregnant cat or orphaned kittens. It is NOT to focus of this Forum to judge anyone requesting assistance. In order to reach as many people as we can with the message of responsible cat care, we must always always always remember to treat everyone here with kindness, consideration and respect. We want to make this a safe, comfortable place for everyone, regardless of their circumstances, to ask questions and seek assistance.
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Thank-you abbys mom.
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Who is scolding you and being mean anyways? We are just giving helpful advice in addition to answering your questions. Everyone who offered advice or asked questions did also answer yours. That is what a discussion forum is all about.

Welcome to TCS too, sorry if anyone made you upset. We are all concerned cat lovers and want whats best for the cat.
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Hi Pjdefischer and welcome!

I don't know that much about pregnant cat, but I've read a lot on it in the past week (I have a foster pregnant cat at home at the moment ) and, as you were told, the nipples are one of the first sign of pregnancy. Also, morning sickness comes urly (a few ways to tell it is that she could smell her food longer before eating than usually, or lick her lips often, or make sounds with her mouth that she usually doesn't do). The behavior or pregnant cat is sometimes difficult to differenciate from when they are in heat (at least, for people that are not used to pregnant cat like me!), because they ask for a lot of petting and attention. You might want to set an appointment with the vet if you really want to know as soon as possible. Otherwise, it should become more and more obvious if she is.

I hope this helped a little...Good luck with everything and keep us posted on your cat!
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I have been reading everyones thread about their impending deliveries. My cat is getting so big, and I have been thinking she is meant to go any day now. However, she does have s TINY bit of colostrum, but no milk. I have to go out of town overnight this week and was thinking of trying to make a day trip of it to avoid not being here if she delivers.
My question is this. Is it safe to assume that she won't deliver in the next 24-48 hours if her milk hasn't come in yet? I definitely don't want to leave her to deliver alone... She is very petite and has never had a litter of kittens before (nor will she again...oooops!) and I am very concerned about something happening to her if I'm not here to help or take her to the vet in case of emergency... Anyone have any helpful advice for me???

Oooh... Also I was wondering about her nest box. There is a box in the kids playroom that she was digging around in and sitting in so I put towels in it to make it more comfortable for her because it was full of books... This is the only place I have really seen her want to "nest". My question is this... Would it be okay to move the box to my bedroom where it is quiet? I really don't want her having them in their playroom because the kids are always in there and I don't trust my 2-year-old! Do you think its the actual box that she likes, or the room??? I don't want to disturb her plans if you know what I mean!
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Do you know approx. what day your cat got pregnant? That would help you narrow down how close she is to delivery. I'm certainly no expert....I am expecting my first litter any second now. I have learned that cats are pregnant for anywhere from 57-70 days with the average pregnancy lasting 63 days. If your cat is like mine and did the deed a few days before christmas they you are expecting any time now.

As for the box...again, I am not an expert but I would definatley move the box to a much quieter spot then the playroom. Your cat will want somewhere quiet to have her babies. And your right......2 years old can not be trusted.
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Originally Posted by cpdillon View Post
And your right......2 years old can not be trusted.
You've got that right!!!

I think she got out the week of Christmas, but I don't remember for sure, so I can't rely on dates, all I know is that she is huge and I have been able so see and feel the babies moving for about 10 days now... don't know if that helps!!
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I am having the same problem! I have a trip scheduled Wednesday afternoon thru Thursday. I am also very nervous about leaving. I have the same question about the milk if anyone can help??? Is it a good bet I can leave town if her milk hasn't come in by the time its time for me to leave? I would feel much better about leaving if I knew for sure.
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No Cocos Milk came in when she went in labor. There was no Milk the day before with her.
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Every cat is different, some dont get milk at all before delivery....Dill doesnt have milk...she has clostrum and has for over a week and is due ne second.....your cat may be different, they all are.
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I would not leave her alone.
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Every cat is different, one of my foster cats last year did not have milk until the moment she started to deliver. I personally wouldn't leave her alone, but that's just me.
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Thanks for all of the good information, my husband will be home, but he is dead to the world when he is sleeping, so maybe I will try to cancel my trip.
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Any updates on your kitty?
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