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Can your cats say meow?

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Beauty can... sort of. She can't seem to make the me sound of meow but she can make the ow sound. I've heard her (she'll only ever do it for me so if anyone sees her in yorkshire don't expect her to say meow to you.)
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Tinkerbell meow's all the time... She likes to gossip and it some times drives me nuts...
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Most of our cats can meow pretty well. Snowball sounds like an old grandpa cat with his low raspy mew. Spici has this high pitch mew to warn other kitties to stay away from her. Our noisiest kitty is our tortie girl Sushie, she always greets us with her mewing, she meows all the time
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Angel doesn't meow, she chirps, "Meh meh meh!" and she murrs a lot!
Tiger doesn't meow often unless he really wants your attention and it's very light, "Meeeeow!".
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My cats talk alot but it sounds more like a Reoooww then a Meow.
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Oh, believe me, mine can meow...and meow...and meow...
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Mine, too! She is such a talker! Er, meower. She eeks, too.
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Blossom barely makes a sound, full stop. I've only heard her meow 4 times, twice waiting to see the vet, once at the door after staying the night at the vets & once at the back door when she saw birds in the back yard. When she's on the window sill watching out & sees birds she ach's.
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yeh, all three of mine do this very well
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Seb has a well-developed meow. its kinda deep and slow, used when he wants to go outside NOW (he doesn't get to) or used with a high tail trot to the kitchen for wet food Daphne, I'm still suprised when I hear her talk Its so quiet in my place, just the three of us, I have to remind myself to talk to them. Her meow is a question mark - used when she wants to know what I'm up to
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Yes, most of my cats meow. The only one I've never heard is Woodward, he's just a very quiet kitty.
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Ares, who is the talker can meow very clearly - with a nice projection of sound. Hypnos communicates with beeps and tiny mews.
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No Lucky says MOOOM, If I don't listen she says MAMA, Gus has a little tiny mew
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although there are variations like Maaw, aaah, chirps, eee, mama depending on how they want to get my attention.
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My kitties can meow! However BooBoo is the one who does it the most. HoBojax and Eek did it today in the car on the way to the vet! But BooBoo walks around going MEEOOWWW MRAAWWW Just because he wants you to play with him!! Its so funny!
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Arwen's mew is a rush of air, or chirps, Shark sounds like she is saying 'oww' when she is hungry, and Brandy is another chirper his mew is more like 'meh eh' sort of thing..
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Boy can Harry meow. If I'm upstairs and he's downstairs and he wants me, he sounds like he's being tortured or something! The most vocal cat I have ever had.

Rupert chirrups a lot and meows if she wants in the house. Bagheera hardly ever meows; he just walks around purring the whole time.
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My cats have all different sorts of meows. I guess it depends on what they want or what their mood is. Oreo has a special meow he reserves for when we are "talking" to each other. It's so funny because when he does it, it sounds like he has lost his voice. It's so cute.
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well, i voted 'yes', but not all of mine can, & they each have their own variations.
Java 'mews', as does Firefox - they both sound like kittens [of course, one of them still is!]
Cable sorta squeaks.
Chip & Pixel both have a large vocabulary - meows, yows, yowls - & Pixel does a 'purrow' - kind of a cross between a purr & a meow. that's my favorite sound, TBH!
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Abby does more of a M_ow sound. No "eee" in it. Sometimes she will toss in a long sounding "A" after the "M" to make "M_a_ow". And she also makes a cute "meep" sound. Chynna makes a "Mrrrow" sound.
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Pepper squeaks a lot... She makes sounds without even opening her mouth. When she does open it, she says "Ow" or "Raaaur" but that's about it. It's really cute!
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Cookie meows alot when there is a close doors and she looks at it then she meows for a while
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Hennessy usually Mow, Row, Mrrow, or Prrp.
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Baby says "Mewow!" and "Now" and "Moom" and any number of other little sounds. Tiny says "Meh"--quietly. Neither of them quite have the "meow" down. Not that it matters; the're so cute whatever they say...
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Bella can meow, Stanley seems to only know how to squeak, slient meow and scream (like when his tail gets stepped on).
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tabby is very vocal but hers is more like a 'eow'. shinobi has a very high pitched chirrup and milo does this camp sounding hmmmm noise!

so i guess none of mine actually meow!
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Sonic my Oriental boy not only says Miaow in a very exaggerated manner, he also says 'Hi', 'Mum', and 'Now'. Well I may be reading too much into the noises he makes, but he certainly says things that sound like those words!!!

Radar doesn't make much noise, he used to but he got sick last year and had a very inflamed throat, I honestly think it must have damaged his vocal chords because he's barely made a noise since. When he does, it's tiny beebs and chirps, and the closest he gets to miaow is a broken 'ow ow ow' noise.
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