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Do cats have growth spurts?

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I know that horses and dogs definitely go through cycles of growth. My German Shepherd puppy would eat the same amount day to day, but all of a sudden one day she'd appear to be far to skinny. She'd grow really quickly for a short time, and then she'd even out again. My growing horse is the same, her bum will all of a sudden be higher than her withers, and then will even out.

I have had kittens before, but I never really noticed spurts.

Tsekani is eating no more and no less than usual, but he looks leaner all of a sudden and his hip bones seem to be more prominent today. His muzzle also appears longer than it did a few days ago, and is losing the kitten roundness. He is just going on 10 months. I free feed him Felidae and twice a day he gets Nutro Complete soft food. I sprinkle a few kibbles of RC kitten chow into the kibble bowl, as he doesn't love Felidae on its own.
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My two moggies definitely had growth spurts when they were under a year old - sometimes they would look bigger in the afternoon than they did in the morning when I'd left for work. Ferris had to have his collar readjusted several times within the space of two weeks at one point.

Max is 11 months old and is having another small growth spurt - he's become lankier and leaner and taller all at the same time. Teenagers!
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I think Chloe is going through one right now. She's 5 months old and is all of a sudden really long, but she hasn't filled in at all. She is very lanky at the moment.
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My Russian Blue Mix grew slow and didnt feel out until she was over a year.
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Every cat is different in the rate they grow. I could usually tell when a kitten was in the middle of a growth spurt by how long they slept each day. Growing is hard on a body.

But my Oscar beat all with his growth spurts. He'd go months without gaining an ounce then gain 2 pounds in a week. That poor baby had health problems and was in the vet so often as a kitten. We never found anything fundamentally wrong with him. At a year he was 8 pounds. At about 2 years he had his last growth spurt and hit his current 13 pounds.
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Forrest (8 months old) is going through a growth spurt right now. I have a baby scale that I weigh the cats on every Friday cause Lilly is on a diet. Forrest gained 7 oz. in 7 days. Wow...that seems like a lot, but in looking at him he looks very lean and almost thin. He's now almost 8 lbs. 14oz so I know he's not underweight. He's not eating any less food, and perhaps a little more.

My Husband has been out of town for a week and when he got home the first thing he said was that Forrest looked a lot bigger. I didn't think he looked any bigger but then I see him all the time so it's hard to tell. I do notice that sometimes he looks like his head is too small and then he seems to "balance out" and look normal.
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