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Hi everyone ^-^
I'm the servant of Blaze(the orange one), and the Tabby's my Sister's cat, Enya. I was wondering how to add a custom avatar? And it's probably just me, but I kept getting error messages when I tried to vote in the caption polls... Oh wells, cya later! *goes to look at the image gallery*
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Hi, Neko! I have a link for you. This will explain your problem. I'm not exactly a computer whiz, so I'll let someone else explain the whys and wherefores. Anyway, welcome to the Cat Site. I hope to hear more about you and Blaze!
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ohhh, I get it, thanks!
(by the way, if anyone was wondering why my name is so weird, it's because it's japanese for Cat Angel[really loose translation])
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Welcome to the site Neko! Blaze is adorable!!

It you want to add an avatar, go to User CP button at the top of the screen. Then click on Edit Options, scroll down to the bottom of the page and choose one.

As you post more, you will have more options to choose for your avatar!

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oooh... such pretty kitties!

Welcome to the site!
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Welcome to the site! So glad you found us here. Very pretty kitties, and I love Blaze's markings. He's a very pretty color of ginger!

Jump in anywhere, feel free to ask questions or just join us for some chat in The Cat Lounge.
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