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playing fetch

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my little boy seems to like to play fetch with much for only dogs doing that..
he brings me either his jingle ball or...last night he brought me a bottle cap..and I was tossing it down the stairs ( I have a 2 story house)..and he'd run down the main level.bat it around a bit..then bring it back up...
now.I was in the bedroom trying to watch something on
so he comes back up..drops it by the door..and says "rowr?"...
he doesn't really meow...
too funny!
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We have kitties who love to play fetch too Our girly cat Sushie loves this particular sparkly ball. She'll drop it at our feet & she will mew & mew until you throw it for her. Then she brings it back to whoever she wants to throw it next...Cats are so hilarious, they make life so happy!!
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too true that i have them I can't imagine ever being without them.
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One of my cousin's cats does the same thing.He loves playing fetch and will bring the toy back for you to throw down the stairs again!
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My youngest Lexi will do this but the other two won't. Lexi will bring it back and jump in my lap so I can throw it again. It's so cute.
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Lucas LOVES playing fetch. Especially with his jingly balls. And sometimes his fuzzy mice.
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Lily LOVES to play fetch. She plays fetch with either toy mice or her favorite toy sheep.

Here is a video clip of her playing fetch with her sheepie!
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Have you ever pretended to throw the toy and they go looking for it? The look on their face is priceless...
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Originally Posted by Catkiki View Post
Have you ever pretended to throw the toy and they go looking for it? The look on their face is priceless...
how mean!

i've thrown the toy & have had Pixel not see the throw, & look at me like 'so? ya gonna throw it?'

ETA: Lily is a great fetcher! Pixel's not nearly so accommodating. she usually drops it several feet from me, then meows plaintively... until i get up, get the toy, & throw it again. then the vicious cycle begins anew.
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My baby pippi does'nt play fetch with me but he has played it by himself, he has a chair he likes to play under and a favorite toy, he will bring the toy under the chair and bat it around and if it gets to far away from the chair he will pick it up and bring it back under the chair to play again, a couple of times he has retreived it from under the couch.
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milo loves to play fetch! trouble is he doesn't know when to stop. this means that at 5am when i chuck his toy off the bed to stop him mauling my duvet cover with it, he brings it straight back!
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lol too cute..and I did the hold the bottlecap and pretend to throw it..but he was a smart cat and knew I didn't toss it...
he does ocassionally lose it and I have to go looking for it..
too funny...
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LOL. Our cats don't play fetch but my in-laws cat does. Wesley only once in great while will play with a toy but he usually just looks at them and if you throw a toy to Sox, she will treat it as if it is something trying to kill her and she needs to kill it first! She will play with it like crazy and when she's done it's as if she walks away and says "There, no need to worry, I took care of it for you. It's dead!"
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