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I've created a monster

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Sweetie is a cat who plays fetch. First it was with her toy mice, then she fell in love with a twistie. This is only a piece of white wire that was around a electrical cord. The minute I get home from work she brings it and drops it at my feet for me to throw for her. Its twisted into a circle so it does throw easily. My problem is that she never quits. For hours she wants me to play. Now I know its good exercise for her. She'll run or jump to catch it. But she's driving me crazy. I can't watch TV, or eat or anything but be her playmate. If I refuse to throw it she'll paw my leg, then if that doesn't work she'll jump up on the arm of the recliner. Last night she even brought it up on my lap. I know she's only a cat, but a determined one. How can I break her of this habit? I don't want to take the wire away from her since she enjoys it so much. At night she'll take it into the bathroom and bat it around. Usually it ends up under the hamper and then she'll lay and stare under the hamper and I'll have to move it so she can get it again. Has anyone else ever had a problem somewhat like this? Any advice would be appreciated.
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We had this problem with Flowerbelle. Only her fetch toy is a long wand toy with what is now just stubbles of feathers at the end - so we don't have the problem of her batting it around and losing it underneath the shelves.

I don't think we let it get quite as far as you have. Retraining a kitty is going to take time. But when you're tired of play and she paws at your legs, blow a short sharp puff of air directly in her face and say "No. I don't want play anymore." You may also want to keep an air can handy to make a hissing noise. Do NOT point the air can towards her - it is the noise of it you want, NOT the air from it hitting her - it can freeze her skin/nose.

It's going to be a battle of wills at this point. Establishing a schedule - 15 minutes in the morning from 7:30 to 7:45 (or whatever) and half an hour when you come home from work - will REALLY help.

Just like with kids, her behavior will not change overnight. But be persistent, consistent, and if you can set a schedule, that should REALLY help.

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We also have kitties that keep bugging us to play fetch. But, we recently started hanging up some of our cats toys so they don't always need us to throw it for them. They pouce on it & play by themselves for hours. You could try hanging up her twisty tie or any other toys she may like to play with

Hopefully you find something that works for your cat
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Oh that's an excellent suggestion! Also, here's a great line of "interactive" kitty toys that don't require a human to make them go. The Cat Dancer "complete" - that you stick on a wall would be the PERFECT thing to hang her twisty on to get her going!


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Thanks to all for your replies. Yesterday I started to blow at her face and tell her no play now. It sort of worked but you're right this is going to be a process. I also looked at the link for the cat dancer. Price is right. I'm going to see if its available locally. Thanks again.
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