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Multiple Myeloma

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I'm a new member and my cat Pumpkin Breath (age 10 yr) has been diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma (this past weekend). We've decided to make him comfortable and the vet prescribed a steriod, a pain killer, fluids under the skin and stool softener (because of where the cancer mass is located).

After I told the vet my decision, he informed me that Pumpkin also had thickened heart muscle and fluid in the heart sac.

We took him home and his appetite came back (we're feeding him straight tuna). Pilling him has become progressively more difficult (though of course he doesn't notice the needle for the fluids, weird as heck to me, it's a big needle).

Last night we noticed he is breathing quickly. (It's my understanding that this is how organ failure begins.) When I called the animal hospital, they had me press his gums (similar to the fingernail test in humans) and his capillaries seem to be working fine.

I'm terrified that he will suffer pain and I have no clue when to let him go, or even how to tell when he's in pain. (He still purrs when he sees me or my partner.)

He's my baby boy and I've cried buckets already.

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Think of the three things your kitty loved best during the prime of his life. Food, greeting you at the door, playing with a favorite toy, sleeping in a favorite spot, curling in your lap, sitting in the window... or anything else special to your kitty.

Give the treatment a week or so to improve his condition, but if at the end of that period of time, if your kitty is not doing those three favorite things, then your kitty has nothing left to live for, and its time to say goodbye.
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