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uh-oh snowstorm

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I hear there is going to be a huge snowstorm tonight in Southern Onatio.
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Yep. I heard that too. We're supposedly getting freezing rain and the whole deal. Ick!!
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It's been happening all morning already at my location! I guess Hamilton is late in getting it! I talked about it in my post in the Saturday DT.
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I'm in London...my dad is watching the Weather Network and says it will probably be here later tonight. I'm on the north shore of Lake Erie, so they said it will be freezing rain topped with lots of snow. Great.

I hope that everyone's warm and safe.
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I just hope school close on monday :P.

I've been researching aquariums all day, I wanna get fish again, They are incredibly entertaining. I just need some cash :-/
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I need some cash too, lol. I can't get a job until I get my G2...and even at that I probably won't be able to afford gas! (I live in the middle of nowhere...no jobs within walking distance).

Good luck with your fish!
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Yep! It's coming down fast and furious now. Hubby does snow removal. Looks like he'll be heading to work a little later tonight. It started in my area around 3:00pm.
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I think it might be starting here... it's getting really windy.
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ekk snow!
Its raining cats and dogs here.
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:-/ no major sign of snow, this sucks
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Its 70 and sunny, here. :tounge2:
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you just hush girl!Or I will pack some snow in dry ice and mail you some!!!
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I could put shorts on and pretend that it's summer, but I might get frostbite.

Any of you in the warmer climates feel like adopting a teenager 'til April? I'll work for my keep and I'll even clean the litter boxes!
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A (gulp) teenager!? I am NOT going through that, again. Mark will be 25, next month and I'm still young enough to enjoy it. What empty nest syndrome?
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