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It occured to me the other day that Pippy might be bored with his food as he doesn't get all that much variety. He loves fish but won't eat raw fish except for Felix Fish Selection and Tesco's Luxury Fish Selection (60% meat) and just refuses to eat any other flavours like beef or chicken. I've even tried him on raw liver and he just turns his nose up at it! He has Go-Cat biscuits down all day and we feed him 1/2 pouch wet food at 7am, 1/2 pouch at 6pm and then again 1/2 a pouch at 10pm (He will not settle the entire night if he does not get this feed! Don't really know why though!). He also gets a bowl or two of Cat Milk during the week.

Other than that, he doesn't have any table scraps (forbidden in our house!) or grass (never eats it when we do grow it indoors for him!) or anything else!

Are there any suggestions from anyone that could give him some variety?
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Some cats just don't need variety. They aren't picky and they know what works for their body I can't imagine color could make that much diff. but my Cinders (all black, like your Pippin)is that way - she likes certain kibble, 1/2 & 1/2 cream or lactose-free milk, and then only one or two Fancy Feast with gravy flavors. she's 7 years now & always in robust health, so it works for her,too. And she enjoys crushed, dry catnip, but not fresh
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depends on the cat, mine are sticklers for routine and want the same stuff all the time
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Originally Posted by Javern View Post
depends on the cat, mine are sticklers for routine and want the same stuff all the time
yeh, i agree!
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I wouldn`t worry too much as long as long as the cat is eating and healthy.
Maybe try some better quality dry?

Maisie is just the same. She won`t eat anything other than Felix chicken she will have a nibble at the tuna one occassionally but as she is quite slim I just want to get something inside her.
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