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Ear Mites

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I need a different medicane for ear mites than [miticide] it says to put 10 drops in each ear!I did and my cat formed at the mouth,is this normal? I did't like the looks of her after we were done.She is ok now it stopped forming.And boy did she fight me! I don;t blame her,if someone put something in my ear and it formed I would be mad too!Is there something better and easier on her? Thanks Sherral
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Wow! Can you get a different med from your vet?
10 drops is a lot. The ones I normally get from my vet say to put about 2-3 in each ear.

As for foaming at the mouth, could have been caused by the stress the cat went through when you were trying to medicate her, beyond that I do not know. I'm sure someone else here or your vet could help you with that.

The last medication I used was Tresaderm, and that worked great.
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You can also ask the vet about Revolution. It's a topical that does fleas,ticks,roundworm, and ear mites. It's a little esier for some cats since you don't have to put stuff in thier ears every day.
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For ear mites on my dog, I used a mix of olive oil and vitamin E. It worked fine and the E aids the healing. I haven't tried it on cats, though, but I would if mine got them.
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