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Daily Thread TGIF Jan 25!

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Well we made it to Friday

I have not much planned this weekend which I am looking forward to. I have been so busy on the weekends lately, I need some chill time.

Today its just work, then off to the gym..same old.

I had a dream about Trout last night..I was visiting a friend of mine, and Trout came with me I guess. Anyway, Trout was caught swimming in the aquarium Actually right in it, swimming around tormenting the fish It was too cute.

Oh also, yesterday my boss told me I can claim my lockout after I will save the $37

I hope you all have a lovely day!
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Morning, TGIF!

DH and I have a chamber function to attend tonight. Fancy dress and dinner. No plans for the weekend.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.
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Morning all!!!

It's Friday!! I have beer in the fridge so I'm going to relax this weekend (like I do every weekend )
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Moning cats. Not much planned for me this weekend either. Just going to university in about an hour and maybe going to the bar for a couple drinks tomorrow night. Other than that, I'll just be on here.
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I don't think I have much planned for the weekend either...may take in a university basketball game. oh..and today I have to run to the hospital this afternoon and visit my stepfather.
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Morning All!

Another snowy one here.

Heading off to work as usual, then running a few errands afterwards.

Going to just watch a movie this evening or veg out in front of the TV.

Everyone have a good one
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Happy Friday!

... sort of.

Started the day with the car not starting. Again. I think there's a problem with the battery. Going to have my dad look at it this weekend.

So I got to walk to work today. In temperatures in the teens. For about 2 miles.

Well, at least I got my exercise.

And it is pay day (that's why I was so eager to get to work)
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Hello Everyone

Buying a new fridge & digital camera this weekend, we are so excited!!
Took a little longer to get the digital camera but at least we will have one now

Hope everyone has an exciting day!
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Well today starts a 5 day "warm" streak as no below zero temps!! Which is a good thing as the vent pipe on our roof has been plugged up with hopefully only snow/ice can unthaw as we are having sewer gas odor in the family room bathroom.

Did some housecleaning and am on 4th load of laundry. Bobs peed on kitchen rug so that takes a bit longer to wash.

Did retail therapy yesterday. Got the new Steven King book and will start reading this weekend. A lighting store is closing the doors so I picked up a much needed lampshade and a cool lamp for our bedroom. Will wait until sale prices get better as I have my eyes on another lamp or two.

Not much else going on today and no weekend plans as of yet!!

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I hope everyone is having a good Friday. We found out our neighbor was under investigation for drug dealing for the last few months. He was arrested late last night.

We have someone here painting the wall where the new window was placed. We had to raise it 18 inches because the old one went floor to ceiling. The guy that stained the wood around the window was nice enough to offer to paint the wall.

Nothing really planned for the weekend. DH is going out with his buddies tonight. Mom wants me to help her shop for more clothes for when she has the operation.

Have a good weekend everyone.
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Hope everyone's having a fantastic Friday! At work, easy schedule today. No specific plans for the weekend yet, but I want to get some pictures of Zampy and Rosie and try my hand at posting them on TCS!
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Good morning to all of you!..
Wow I can see so many of you are busy!.....
For me just again on the work and some time free to be here!
Not plans for weekend! for sure to paint the main door of home!...Have a nice friday!
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Originally Posted by Katz4Life View Post
Hello Everyone

Buying a new fridge & digital camera this weekend, we are so excited!!
Took a little longer to get the digital camera but at least we will have one now

Hope everyone has an exciting day!
you know that will now expect lots of pics of your fur family!!

I am so glad it is Friday!! I had off Monday, but it's been a long week anyway doing my usual weekend, dinner with Mom and Dad tonight at the restaurant, working Saturday and Sunday, then over to Mom and Dad's for dinner Sunday evening wonder what she's making this week

I wanted to go see that movie Meet the Spartans, but my sister works this weekend, so maybe next weekend, so I'll just chill on Saturday evening, have to do some dishes and laundry and I'm going to make a kielbasa, dumpling and sauerkraut dish so that I can just heat it up when I get home from school during the week
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hello everyone! i have nothing planned for the day so far, am actually quite bored aswel
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I just got home from a boring day at work. Just sitting around all alone tonight until 9 when my boyfriend gets home. I have to work tomorrow and then on Sunday I am just going to relax.
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Friday night is pizza night, so no cooking.

It is pouring here today. I keep saying that I know that we need the rain, but all at once is no fun.

Tommorow we are going to the Oakland A's fan fest. We are season ticket holders, so get free tickets. We are going to 3 autograph sessions but we don't know in advance who the players will be. It doesn't matter because the A's traded most of their players. They traded Nick Swisher.
I guess you can tell that I am a big baseball fan.
Go A's!
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