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hey there

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Im in need off help my 10 month old cat has just started peein every where on my work unifor evan on my bed now she never yous to pee anywhere but her kitty littter but as soon as I started full time work its become a every day event
Do you think it could be that's she is under strees from not haveing me home all the time or could it be because she isn't desexed please I need help n segestion on what I can do ????

Thanks roxy
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All maturing cats that haven't been neutered/spayed run a strong risk of starting to urine-mark their territory at that age, it is common in females going into heat. She needs to be spayed as soon as possible before the habit becomes ingrained, she should also be vet checked for a urinary tract infection as that can also result in peeing in odd places. Please phone your vet and make an appointment for her as soon as you can.
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Could be because she's not desexed, especially if she's in season.

Could also be a UTI.

Are you planning on getting her desexed?
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You need to schedule her an appointment at the vet to check for a UTI.

What are you using to clean up the spots? The nose of cat is extremely sensitive and even though you may feel it's clean, if you don't use an enzyme cleaner you will not be able to get the smell out and she may do it again.
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