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CA Earthquake

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i heard about that, hope everyone is okay!
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I have relatives living in Los Angeles. Since this is the first time I have heard about the earthquake I am assuming they are ok.
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I hope that everyone is okay too!!!! I think it would be so scary leaving in an area where there are earthquakes sometimes. But I have heard people from California say it would scare them so badly to live where you have tornados often, like Iowa, so I guess you get somewhat used to it although it is still scary...I am scared everytime we have a tornado anywhere near me and sometimes they have only been a few miles away!!!
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The article says it was located in Big Bear (90 miles away from L.A.) - anyone in LA should be just fine. Doubt there was even damage - it was a 5.4 quake.

Gary and I "lived" in Big Bear for about 8 months in 1998! (In the R.V. There is a GORGEOUS R.V. resort up there).

We were in a 4.6 earthquake - first one I'd ever been in. Big Bear was the epicenter of that one too. Everything was shaking and rattling. Gary got up and opened the door (we have a steel frame) - it was so cool to watch the trees "bouncing." (Even though I was scared). It lasted for a few seconds.

The liquor store in town had a number of bottles fall off the shelves. That was the only damage then.

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