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Switching Foods

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Well starting today, we are slowly switching the cats from Purina Indoor Formula to Innova Evo. Wish us luck! Hopefully we don't have too much upset tummies. I am officially broke though hehe. I was wondering if I paid too much for it though. $19 for 6.6lbs..they could've special ordered a 18lbs bag for me for $30, but I just didn't have that much money on hand lol.
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good luck .... take it real slow unless the kitties tell you otherwise... here evo 2.5 lb s runs 12$
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That price sounds just about right. Last week I paid around $10 for the 2.5lb bag. I found that even though it is more expensive, my two don't eat as much as they did when on SD. Seems to fill them up better
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Oh yeah we're taking it super slow. My friend is switching her's to Evo and it's runny poo all over the place. I really don't want the same thing to happen here. Glad I paid a decent price then.
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Ok, we're currently on meal 3 with the Evo. Right now it's basically half a handful of Evo to 5 handfuls of Purina (estimately). They are already noticeably eating a LOT less. When I refilled the bowl tonight, no one ran at me hungry. Now..is it supposed to be that big of a difference, or is there another issue I should go see a vet with?

Edit : It's been 20 minutes and no ones interested in food lmao. I'm used to them scarfing it down before I have the bowl on the floor.
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Maybe they simply do not like the taste of EVO??? If you can't get them
to eat it, like everyone says around here, its not going to do much good

I wouldn't think it would have an "EAT LESS" effect so soon, especially since
its still mainly the purina. Try giving them the straight purina and see if their
appetites pick up. Its possible the small amount of EVO has put them "off feed" a little,too.

(Does the cheaper/worse quality foods taste better? I've wondered myself...my cats seem to like purina/science diet better than Nutro which
they are eating now....., I'd like thoughts on this one)

Let us know how it goes...how is the litterbox deposits looking??
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Well it's always gone by the next morning (and this morning as well) so they're not disliking it enough not to completely eat it hehe.

Hmm that's a good question. If only cats could talk...but then, we'd all be in trouble lmao.
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