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almost at my wits end...

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im so ready to just give up, it's not even funny...
if you dont know the for my other threads and read em...dont feel like typing it all out...again...
i've contacted every shelter in my area...only to be told theres no room, yada yada friend...the source of this problem...isnt event doing anything to getting tired of walkin in my room and my feet smell like cat also tired of cleaning the litter box...just to watch her cat use my carpet...
my co-workers are telling me to just drop them off at a farm in the mother is tellin me to just have them pts...and its like i care too much to do any of that...but this cant continue...and i dont know what to do...i cant handle it...
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Did you contact Alley Cat Allies Feral Friends or the Best Friends No More Homeless Pets Campaign network? What did they say?

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I contacted ally cat allies when I had an abandoned stray on my property, the friendliest cat you ever saw was 100% adoptable.

Ally Cat Allies just said to try a local rescue, which was of no help because they are always full by me and a no kill shelter made me uneasy.

It's really frustrating there just arent enough people to adopt all the friendly cats it seems.

As a last resort you COULD try Petfinder, you can post an ad and post pictures of the cats in the "lost and found" message board. It could take a while fro a reply, or overnight. Only thing is how would you get the cats to a potential adopter, and you would need to do a background check of some sort of the person.

Or ask to post ads at a local school,vet,pet store,etc... but giving them away for free I would not recommend, some deal should be made the adopter has to pay for something.
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i HAVE tried petfinder, all i get as responses is spam crap.

still no luck in finding homes for them...i wish someone on here would want them...
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Keith, Alley Cat Allies now has the Feral Friends Network.

Kristi, I was suggesting you contact Alley Cat Allies to ask them if there are any members of the Feral Friends Network in your area - same with the Best Friends Network. If there are any network members in your area, they may be able to help at least with the spaying and neutering, which is becoming quite urgent.

Please PM me your zip code. If all you have tried is Petfinder, I may be able to search for other resources.

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So I just looked at the "feral friend" on their site, yeah last time I went on that wasnt there.

What exactly is it in a nutshell? It says you must be 18 or older to become one.

So lets say i'm looking to try and find homes for my strays who are already fixed, or looking for ways of getting more food for them. By becoming a "feral friend" does that mean someone in my area may be able to help me?

Or does this mean being I am over 18 I need to help someone else, cause I have almost no money and dont drive.
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My understanding is that a Feral Friend is someone who is willing to help trap, help transport, help you find resources in the area, is potentially affiliated with a rescue group - may know of low-cost spay/neuter services, may be willing to help finance spay/neuter - I really don't know. But they're people that are volunteering to help ferals. When it comes to finding kitties homes, I don't know about that. Alley Cat Allies focuses more on the trapping, spaying & neutering, so my guess is that if there are any listed for her zipcode, they may know of low-cost spay/neuter services which Kristi desperately needs. With any luck, they may be part of a foster or placement network, or affiliated with rescues that may help find homes for the kitties.

Kristi's problem is that she's got a bedroom full of unspayed, un-neutered animals, and her mom wants her to have them put to sleep. She's had no luck finding homes for them - but unless they get spayed and neutered, there are going to be a lot more of them, whether in her bedroom or out on the street.

I've posted links to low-cost spay/neuter search stuff already, but I'm happy to do it again.

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Originally Posted by LDG View Post

Kristi's problem is that she's got a bedroom full of unspayed, un-neutered animals, and her mom wants her to have them put to sleep. She's had no luck finding homes for them - but unless they get spayed and neutered, there are going to be a lot more of them, whether in her bedroom or out on the street.

I've posted links to low-cost spay/neuter search stuff already, but I'm happy to do it again.

I think it's good to keep this in mind -- this is what the cats in Kristi's home need.

Kristi, call the resources mentioned, again. This time, say, "I want to know how to find free or low-cost veterinary care for cats near me." When you call, have pen and paper ready so that you can write down what they tell you.

If you don't find that they have any help of use to you, then YOU start by getting out the telephone directory, or going to an online yellow pages site, and start calling veterinary clinics that are not far from you. EVERY one you call, you can ask, "If I am trying to get a number of cats spayed and neutered and vaccinated against rabies, in order to find them permanent homes, will you help me? Do you know another clinic or organization that will?" And, again, write down the answers.

I can tell you that your best chance is going to be with local organizations -- possibly even local orgs that are not primarily cat rescue groups -- and that if you are willing to do some of the work (even if it's not paying money, but doing legwork, making phone calls, and so on), you can find some folks who will work with you.

The cats were brought INTO the bedroom by some human (I apologize for not having researched the thread yet); it just doesn't seem fair that they be put to sleep just because they were vulnerable to be brought into that room!

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Any response from Alley Cat Allies or Best Friends? Any luck at all with the shelters or low-cost spay/neuter options?

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good news (depending on how you look at it) the 2 older sisters have a home. this girl i went to school with, her mom came into where i work and was looking at my flyers and said how this lady that she knows, her boyfriend of 33 years recently passed away and she wanted 2 cats to keep her company. how awesome was that. so she took the 2 older ones, and she is a very nice older lady. she has two grandkids and the cats absolutely love them. she is going to get them spayed, i gave her the name of the low cost vet. and shes going to keep me updated.
as for the other ones. my mom has decided to keep one of the kittens. which leaves 3 left from that litter, one of which glitch wants, just dont know how to get him to her. which leaves two...i cant seem to decide which one im more attached to, so im just thinking about keeping them both, which would give me a total of 4.
as for the mother cat. my friend, her owner, hasnt given any money to help feed her, buy litter for her, nothing. and is showing no effort in getting her back. so, tomorrow im going to get my taxes done, yay taxes, and im going to look into the possibility of getting her spayed, and maybe keeping her. as for getting the other ones fixed, vet wont do it until they are at least 6 months. so i have another couple of months to go. but all is on a good page for now...hopefully...
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Have you tried any of the places ielcon PMed you that help in transports for the cat going to glitch?
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Wonderful news for the sisters
I know how discouraged that you feel - I am struggling with my rescues, as well. KeithP is right - it's soooo hard to find enough good homes for kitties
When I went to buy cat food at the pet store, I saw an ad for a cat whose owner was put into the assisted living facility So many wonderful kitties, so few homes....
I am continuing to send {{{{prayers and vibes}}}} that your situation resolves with happy endings for all
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What wonderful news! Thanks for perservering on behalf of these kitties.

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in fact i find it hard to even adopt a cat from the shelter!!! last time i wanted to keep a pet and called one of the cat shelters they told me to e-mail !! and then after i e-mailed them .. they asked me my phone number and never called back!! in the end after a few months, i got an e-mail said that cat was adopted and said if i wanted other one! However, by that time i have already got 2 cats from various breeders!!! I would have took 2 homeless instead of buy two cats! of course i love my two babies and they are living a very good life with me. i think if those shelters can simplified they process. then i would have taken 2 poor homeless cats and my 2 cat babies would go to other good families easily! ( since they are pure bred with show quality!)

when people have telling us not to buy cats, have anyone think it's sometimes the adopting process is too difficult and too time consuming. but of course i think they are all trying to help those poor cats and so am i. i just want them to shorten the procedure so that some people like me would have got those homeless cats rather than pure bred.
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Have you looked into the city animal shelters? They are very easy to adopt from and those are cats that need rescuing. The inital cost is lower, but they usually haven't had all of the lab work done so you have to factor that in.

Remember that rescues are staffed by volunteers who have families. Sometimes they do get busy and fail to contact people. Again, they are volunteers.
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