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giardia and metronidazole

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my 14 y/o male cat has been on metronidazole for abt a week for giardia. the past couple of days he has not eaten much. my vet said the med could be reducing his appetite. has anyone ever experienced this with their cat? i'm just worried abt him since he always has a very strong appetite.
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Metronidazole (sp?) commonly known as Flagyl is well-known for reducing appetites. (Not to mention it tastes awful, I've dosed so many cats with it I've gotten dosed a few times! )

Try offering some canned food. Typical treatment is 10 days/2x a day. Usually see decreased appetite within 5 days.

If he isn't eating much at all, ask your vet for an appetite stimulant to get him by until he's done with the meds.

It is extremely important that he finish the entire course of meds or he won't get over Giardia.
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I had all three of my cats on Flagyl, for giardia, all at once (my sewers backed up and all three got sick!) Two of them lost their appetite from the medication. I would try feeding some really stinky and fishy canned food, such as Fancy Feast, just to try to tempt him. If that doesn't work, you should ask your vet for cyproheptadine (Periactin) appetite stimulant, and give him 1/4 tablet every 12 hours (I use it for my renal failure kitties when they go off their feed, and it works like a charm.) Once my girls finished the Flagyl, they all went back to eating like normal. Good luck!
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