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Hey there, TCS!

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Hi guys!

I know I haven't been around in AGES, but I just wanted to drop by and update you all on my life.

And show you some wedding pictures. That too.

First of all, I graduated college with a degree in flute performance and immediately began a job teaching flute privately to K-12 students. I have 29 kids in my studio right now! I'm still doing the Development job with the chamber music group and I volunteer with Tree House when time allows. Ian is also doing well. Currently, he works for the university we both graduated from as a researcher and department assistant. He's trying to decide whether to stick around and work at a master's there, or to find a company to work for that will reimburse him for getting an MBA.

Oh, and we got married (FINALLY!) about two weeks ago, and just returned from our honeymoon. The wedding was fabulous and wonderful, but planning it was BUSY!

We moved in together back in September to a big top floor apartment on the far north side. The kitties are all doing well and they LOVE not living in a tiny studio anymore!

Without further ado....PICTURES!!

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Welcome back and congrats on the wedding and degree! Your pictures are fabulous and you looked great!
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Hey stranger!

Congrats on the wedding! Gorgeous dress, too!

Where was the honeymoon?
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cool glad to hear you finished college
lol you know i still have the music files you posted hehe..
Congrats on the wedding also
cant see the wedding pics, guess i will wait until i get home.
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Hi Honey and congrats on your graduation! Your wedding pics are gorgeous! Love that dress and of course, you were an absolutely beautiful bride!

Will you be posting more regularly now that things have calmed down for you?
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Congratulations on your wedding! You looked stunning!!!
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Hi Allie!!

The wedding looked fabulous!! Glad you are doing something you enjoy hope to see you around a bit more!
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Hello Sounds like your life has been going wonderfully!
Congratulations on your graduation & your beautiful wedding
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Gorgeous photos! Congratulations, sounds like things will hopefully slow down a bit for you now!
Good to see you back
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Congratulations and Welcome Back!
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Welcome back, and congratulations!!
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I kept wondering if you'd fallen off the face of the earth or what... glad to see you back... and congrats on the wedding, move into a bigger place, and graduation.... everything happening at once... no wonder you vanished for a while...

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congratulations & welcome back!
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Congratulations on all the big milestones in your life!!
So where did you end up getting married as I remember you hadn't pinned down a spot due to cost??
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Awwww you look beautiful and congratulations Allie!!
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Thanks everyone! It's good to see you all!

Gail, we got married at the Fairmont Hotel in downtown Chicago. It was BEAUTIFUL
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Hi Allie! Congratulations on your wedding, you looked beautiful!

You've moved up to my neck of the woods, eh?
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Nice to see all of my old buddies and meet all of you new folks!

Yup, we're up in Edgewater near Loyola
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Welcome back Allie! Congratulations!
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welcome back and a huge congrats to you and ur hubby. pics are great! i love ur dress!!!
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Ohh Allie i missed seeing you around!!! I was wondering where you were! Congrats sweetie- you made a beautiful bride I'm happy to hear you graduated and are doing well- that's great!!! I went to our new Lush store recently and thought about you

Don't be a stranger!
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