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In Need of Help

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Hey everyone,

I haven't been on here in FOREVER. I'm actually on here for a friend...her cat has been extremely stressed lately, and he's completely changing in his behaviour-he has even been chewing his hair out-my friend said that it looked he had a mohawk because of where he had chewed his hair off, and that sometimes he would chew until he was bleeding. He's also been acting very different with his personality, and I believe that she had said that he wasn't eating nearly as much? Neither one of us know exactly what to do, so I thought I would go to the best place for it. Thanks in advanced-and nice to be back on!
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Wow - thoughts that come to mind would be a neurological issue or severe allergies. I hope that your friend is taking the poor guy to a vet soon. for finding out what is wrong and recovering. Oh, and welcome back
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Take the cat to the vet!
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My friend said that she had broughten her cat in and paid almost $800.00 to find out that it was a neurotic problem. The vets said that the problem was that the cat was acting out about two new cats that she had gotten-but that was six years ago that she had gotten the new cats. The vets tried saying that he was just getting down to his emotions, but it's obviously not that. There have, however, been quite a few changed in her life-there are nurses going in and out of the house, because she has a sick family member, and her family member is stressed...is there anything that you guys think she can do? He's also pooping and peeing around the house-I don't remember if I had said that before. But yeah, she has broughten him into the vets-they just gave a stupid excuse and charged her...
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OK, I have done some online research, and I'm thinking that it may be psychogenic alopecia? But that still wouldn't explain the urinating and pooping...? Are there any medications in Ontario that would be helpful?
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Read the other posting (above yours) about "Cat pulling its hair out" - sound familiar? They found an answer, and maybe the cat should go to another vet who will take care of the problem.
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